The fifth and final member hammer arrived on my door step Friday afternoon. So I spent 2 to 3hours playing with him betwixt testing his QC in many transformations. And now let’s get on to the review.



The only thing bad about hammer is the absence of a heel spur. In my opinion it’s needed, I mean he can stand up and hold striking poses but he sits on the flat black piece on his feet. To clarify Hammer is two big toes and dull downed heels.

Good: There’s a lot of good about hammer. Starting with the QC. Gcreation took what they learned from blade and put it in Hammer. As for feet articulation he only has his gold toes. Full  360 movement on the head, ridiculous up and down articulation also easy three 360 movement on the waist and bicep swivel. In addition nice deep 90 degree knee bend along with solid thigh swivel as well.


Like his teammates Hammer comes with two swords, two guns and a big ass sword for him and Shuraking to use.

Best looking guns out of the set.
here he is holding his sword and guns in his shoulders.
My, my,my what big sword you have
He cleans up well in the back too. You have the option of pulling the dino head back. Or leave it on him like cap choice is yours.

Combine mode

Unfortunately on the instruction they’re not crystal clear on how to it step by step. But here’s what I did. Specifically when you get to the legs and what position that will be a clean fit for the arms to peg in the side.

1. Begin with this set up. Make sure the hips are positioned in A configuration like so.
2. Next you want everything to look like this

3. Have everything lined up then place the connector hand on to the black peg then close it. You will hear a nice ‘snap’. Do what I did see the grey peg on the right picture? Grease it down if you have to, so don’t apply too much force, don’t want to risk snapping this important piece.

On these pictures you might have to zoom in to see what I am talking about. Picture one that has the belly button hole plug the tiny grey piece into the hole. That will keep the Shuraking arm in place. Picture 2 on the right make sure you flip that grey peg into place too.

You can flip this bad boy out. WARNING: Be sure the arms are not tabbed in yet. You’ll the clearance to lift this compartment up to flip out the connector peg.

On these pictures I am showing you the optional peg in options. Stiff armed or pulled back arm. His arm is engineered well, ball joint and double hinge. You can manipulate however you like.

In closing

In closing I just wanted point out the key arm mode, since the instructions were so-so. From following this set. Gcreations started off a bit weak but got stronger with the three figures after the growl and thunderous. In my opinion Hammer is the second best next to Wrath in the set. Enough have fun with hammer and the combine mode.



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