Greetings! Finally got the last figure Hammer, to combine ‘Shuraking’. As usual I played with hammer first to test out the QC and all of that. Won’t go into detail about it. I will tell you later on ‘Hammers’ review. For now it’s all about Shuraking.


Beast mode to fullest

Shuraking is the biggest, imposing,heaviest combiner I have ‘ever’ worked with. For a combiner of his size and sheer girth I got what I paid for, 500 bucks of plastic creepiness. However Shuraking is not perfect and he’s not awful either. With that on the table let’s get right into the bad first.

Damn, the bad

For starters he’s very top heavy and moving him around becomes a bit of a chore. To be specific moving his legs. I had to retab his inner thigh dozen of times betwixt hold it when I manipulate the double knee joints to hold stances. Furthermore, his right foot  constantly became undone when I moved the foot rockers as well. But I discovered a boo-boo, It wasn’t connected properly. WARNING: Make sure every tab in combine mode is secure if not expect Shuraking to fall. In addition I wager the legs of Shuraking should’ve been thicker or perhaps come with additional plastic panels to hold all the stuff in place. More so, you remember all the neat pictures Gcreations was showing Shuraking holding a low pose? I couldn’t do that with Shuraking, even taking advantage of the robust foot rockers and ball joint, Shuraking was not in the mood to hold a low pose. I really wanted him to hold a low run Adrian Peterson like shoulder charge on Gravity Builder. To be brutally honest with you I see why majority of folk that own Shuraking only have displayed standing in one place. Some will say he’s a statue combiner. Others , well like me will say you have to work with him for a while to find out what he can do posing wise.

The Good

For a combiner this heavy and all the bling-bling chrome on him, his articulation astonishes me. Shuraking posing is limited because of his weight. However he can hold running poses, walking poses and action poses with no excess fidgeting.


Mean looking fella isn’t he?

It’s all about shifting the weight in the right place and everything will lock into place. I took these pictures with 20 mph wind blowing all over the damn place. He actually held this pose with no problem. Thank goodness I found the center of gravity for these poses.


Uniformed colors, just standard red, gray, and gold and silver chrome to bring out the beauty is such a massive combiner. Gcreations has done bang up job on the Chrome. None of it is scuffed or flaked off over time.


Qc on Shuraking is where it matters the most unfortunate it’s not on the inner thigh where some fine tooling should be. To be frank the joints or strong and the connector ports are very stubborn here are some pictures to back my claim up.

He’s serious about holding his sword.
George Washington pose.
Being dramatic in this shot.

Do I recommend him?

I don’t recommend him for ‘every’ collector because you’ll have to do get use to things tabbing out of place and being mindful when you test his articulation. He can be played with but be careful. He does make a good display piece if you just want to combine him and toss him on your shelf like a shelf collector. However judging from my experience it’s a toss up with Shuraking to be fully behind recommending him to any collector. To be honest, I don’t recommend him to first time third party collectors period. Just those who have been collecting for a while.  I am letting you know what you’re going to be in for, if you want to get this set. To clarify here’s an example. You’re going to get into a fight with big guy. You’re ready and you know you’re going to take some blows and be sore as hell in the morning. When you get Shuraking be prepared to cleaning things up betwixt fidgeting to get him to pose how you want him too.


Going to be honest I am giving Shuraking a solid 6 and here’s why. The fidgeting and clean up became a routine for me to get him to pose. Along with finding out what he can and can’t do, I am not saying he’s the worse combiner ever. Just telling you my experience with a completed Shuraking so far. Although Gcreations first combiner I will say not bad but far from perfect. I will give Gcreations a job well done for sticking with this project. As for me I have to get use to working with him in full combine mode.Shuraking is photogenic and he’s fun to play with. If I didn’t like him I would be selling him immediately like I did FansProject Menasor, but that’s another story. Shuraking is good combiner his combine mode has really grown on me. Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos.


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