George exposed!



Good evening going to brief. I don’t like talking about satan in the flesh George pussy face soros. However here’s some footage you might want watch and pass on to another truth person like myself. This parasite of the world needs to meet the gallows asap.

Russia’s warrant for George Dead or Alive

Next video George himself didn’t want no one to see. Also he’s very pissed off Trump won the election. Spoiler: This mother laughs/ smiles when he sold out his own Jewish people to take their property.

George 60 minute video he tried to hide

This international criminal is nothing more than weak old man that hides. Trust me George every country will be gunning for you? Question for George Soros. Where are you going to hide when you have Countries have warrants on you?

And let’s not forget his George’s son Alexander. People reading this blog and people out in the cities where the derp-derp commies for Hilary are, keep your eyes open for this guy. He has committed acts of treason already. What makes this so funny Alex is an American Citizen making a mockery of our freedom. He’s all in for open borders, free trade and the destruction of the middle class. I am not saying go after this guy I am saying record his every move. Use your brains folks be as sneaky ass a snake, stalk him like a cat and net work where goes among yourselves, build something against him and hand all findings over to the new Trump administration. If you’re over seas reading this blog alert your president or prime minister. In closing a horse shit is never far from the horses large ass. Here’s a video with links to find the truth for your self.

Alexander ‘PUPPET’ Son Soros




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