Combiner Play Time


Good evening. Apology I have not been blogging about collecting for some weeks now. I have been paying more attention to the election and doing my part to restore the republic by blogging the truth.

With that a side and a solid Trump victory now I can get back to talking about third party collecting. The title of this is Combiner Play Time. I have seen picture of Shuraking also seen video reviews on Shuraking as well. All these pictures and reviews have one thing in common. Gcreations behemoth is not holding a pose at all. To be specific these reviewers do not play with their combiners to work out the new plastic. As sad consequence Gcreations Shuraking is getting ‘kinda sorta’ reviews. However my followers don’t believe a single word they’re saying. The proof is in the pudding these guys are straight up shelf collectors. Shelf collectors transform their figure a few times and put him on the shelf and that’s that.

I myself am a ‘collector’ I have some figures on my shelf, desk, T.V. ect. But at least play with my collection when I am shooting or just good ole play time. However it when it comes to combiners more so how big they are now, the demand for play time is must.

Gravity Builder

Let’s start with Gcreations Gravity Builder. When I got Dump Truck I rocked out the half combine mode for two reasons.

Reason 1: The connector ports for scraper and Mixer ‘needed’ the work out. Those connector pegs are super difficult.

Reason 2: The need to work out the solid hips of Dump Truck in combine. And play around with ankle rockers in half combine mode as well.

When I got hook, yes the combine mode was on. Wise me for playing with the half combine mode, along with spending a solid week horse playing with him I got him to hold some dynamic poses I showed off previously. In addition got him to hold this pose all by himself too.


Photoshop sfx

He can hold a side kick easy if you  play with Gravity Builder.

Original Picture

Find what a combiner can do and can’t do

It’s a self proven fact play time with a third party combiner you can find the strengths and weakness in posing. In clear terms discover what they can do with their articulation and can’t do as well. For such a heavy combiner Gravity surprised me like my Ano ( Warbotron Computron)

One of the best combiners Warbotron/ Generation Toy made QC wise
Generation Toy Gravity Builder: More articulated also a tad heavier than Ano. Getting his Ric Flair Swag strut on.

For combiner this big and burdensome, he can old some character striking poses. From having play time I discovered and still discovering what Gravity can do.

Don’t take all you tube review guys to heart.

Like I mentioned previously don’t take reviewers ‘opinions’ as a fact. Majority of them don’t even devote adequate time with their combiners, and you can see it on the screen too. For example the new combine mode wobble. Reviewers moving parts of the combiner that have been handled for the first time. On my reviews/ blogs you can take what I writer and say to heart.

Oridin: Solid QC Surprised at what he could do with his articulation.

I took these pictures after I did the Oridin review, I was excited to get him combined for photos saved these to prove my point on this blog. Oridin can hold some dynamic poses!

To my amazement Oridin is photogenic and has a lot of ‘character’ if you will.

Even Combat Brute can old poses


Doesn’t look like much. The old lean back and turn with your gun articulation worked like charm. Combat Brute held this first time not cat and mouse with the legs at all. Unfortunately I have to get his hip sprockets replaced because they’re shot. Got some coming and he’ll be ready to pose again.


In conclusion

I am a firm believer of getting my moneys worth in hobby I love. Therefore I am classified as a collector not shelf collector and I am happy to distance myself from them because I don’t just put my figures on a shelf and figure about them. On the same island I am not G1 soldier either, meaning I am not G1 tight ass collector like most collectors. With me is all about appearance and outstanding QC. I hope you enjoyed this blog and learned the value of playtime with your third party combiners.



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