The Elections Biggest losers

Paper Author cover

Well I am a little late to the prom on the aftermath of ‘We’ the people took our country back from the Globalist. I am happy and still feeling the ‘ahhh’  of relief that this Country will be getting on the right path. However let’s get real. Trump is in danger for about 70 plus days and I am glad he didn’t say where he was going to be staying to the Globalist funded operatives of mass media. On that note I am just going to get to the ‘Elections Biggest Losers.’

46 loser mainstream Journalist ( Press-titutes)

I have to start with these ‘coons’ first. When I call these media whores coon I do not mean it in a democratic/ liberal racist way. I mean it in kiss ass globalist way, to be frank these coon journalist tell lies, sell out their own countrymen out for the bottom dollar and still answer to Hillary satanist Clinton.

With out further delay let’s get down to some good ole Presstitute Coon bashing shall we lol.

Van Jones

Mr. ‘White-Lash’ himself. Looks  like Van fell into a thick bowl of white lash miracle pussy whip to me.

This derp-derp former lawyer and half ass presstitute worked up the nerve and call the election a white-lash. In his words Van said, the election is ‘white’ peoples fault that Trump won in a land slide. I got news for Van the half ass bigot! If you actually done research skip skank I recall Trump got a good healthy support from the African Descent vote. You know why??? They’re angry like their oppressed European Descents fellow Americans! Sick and tired of no jobs, race crap, Health Care Premiums skyrocketing and most of all the country was heading into the communist abyss toilet!

Donna ‘the cheat’ Brazile

My, my, my look at the face of a weak African Descent woman Hillary’s former house slave.

Donna the fired Presstitute. After she gave Hillary the answers for the debate, Trump still kicked her ass in. Hillary throws a temper tantrum like the little bitch she is CNN turns around and fires Donna because Hillary said so. I don’t wish Donna any good fortune in finding another media gig. I hope Donna saved her money once the liberal racist Democratic media fires anyone none European Descent it will be hell on earth for Donna to get on T.V. again…Worse luck to you Donna the tool.

Rachel ‘boy body’ Maddow

Walking poster child for dudes who should’ve pulled out

Now Rachel ‘the boy girl thing’ had a total melt down when Trump won the election. And make no mistake about it Rachel, like many other media ass up hee-haws are calling for some derp-derp revolution. Must I digress, Rachel is nothing more than a liberal socialist minded stunt double for male gay porn. In addition she’s a brain washed third wave feminist derp-derp that preaches ‘white males’ are bad and all that B.S. I find it really amazing women like Boy George Rachel might have learned something in history. Specifically how African Descent Men were and still are demonized. Now we have ho’s like Rachel giving alpha European Descent men the good ole Jim Crow Treatment.

From Rachel having that break down sent a message to all Women who love manly men betwixt how fucked in the head Hillary supporters are. I strongly believe real ‘women’ will not watch her dumb ass show because of her idiocy.

Amy ‘the pig’ Schumer

Lying ass bitch: Following the CIA template to fuck your mind and family up…Globalist should’ve picked a porn star.

First off this loser says she will leave the country if Trump won. Guess what he won and the dumb ass stays in the country and tries to make an apology. Now she does bad press on Trump posting false articles about Trump. Specifically he’s not going to do what he says, to Trump doesn’t like his supporters- which is bullshit.

The biggest loss for Amy. Amy biggest loss will come very fast. To be frank her credibility because she’s following that derp-derp template I mentioned in the caption. More so when miss Piggy told one lie its science that she’ll tell another. And low and behold she does. The biggest problem is Amy  herself. Number one she’s not funny. Number two this bitch doesn’t have a man that wants her. Number three Amy is one of the big dummy no brain celebrities pussy hurt because the country is going in the right direction. One thing I will never understand why these loser stars support Hillary, the left and Globalist. In addition there’s even a nefarious kabal that kills hollywood stars. And on that note Amy should make her miss piggy looking face useful in exposing that than throwing stones in a glass house.

When its all said and done, meaning Trump drains the swamp, have all the henchmen in Washington locked up-what are you going to do Amy? Are you going to still babble on about how Trump is so damn bad? Will you lose your career because people will through food at your fat ass, because they’re sick of you lying? People who are reading this, disrespect Amy the pig any chance you get on twitter and refute all of her fairy tale anti-Trump pig shit. In closing for Amy looking at your face, your mom should’ve swallowed.

Here’s the proof of the pigs work Amy ‘the pig’ Schumer caught

Samantha ‘shut da fuck up Bee

Ratchet Bitch: Look no further than Samantha

This classless Heifer is half comedian, half journalist and full time moron. She said why Trump won is because of the rednecks in America. Similar to what Van the hypocrite Jones said but slightly different. Like Rachel the ‘titty-less Maddow, she blames European Decent people and European Descent men because her Satanic Priestest Hillary Clinton got her ass bested by Trump.

Her biggest loss is identical to all the mainstream assnecks. People see how stupid, weak and pathetic Samantha really is. Samantha is another Presstitute and anti-funny lady. Hope this bitch get here papers revoked if she tries to go to Canada .

Unfortunately I can’t cover all of these poster punks for birth control in this blog. Here’s a video of the 46 loser presstitutes. I know I named a few already, but in my defense their so many nah assholes and fucktards running around like the boy that cried wolf it’s hard to keep count.

46 presstitutes

Biggest losers

George pussy face Soros


Loser number one George Soros. The biggest war criminal on the planet. Responsible for many countries falling to ruin. He just got his ass kicked in the election and his revenge is a pussy stock crash in the U.S. Also his paid pit bulls aka but hurt liberals rioting and starting fights with ‘white’ Trump supporters. Let’s not forget he does have the turn coat Black Lives Matter in his pocket as well.

George Fuck face Soros big loss is this..Now the whole world knows the innards of the globalist Agenda. Putin knows it, Trump winning the election just exposed his poker ‘dead mans’ hand for all the world to see. England, U.S., Russia and some other Countries will soon ally against him in one final stroke to bring George to Axe-man salivating to cut his head off in the name of Justice. Make no mistake George Soros installed pussy Obama and has been calling the shots over the last eight years in U.S. Now the gig is up and the curtain is pulled back, Globalist are in retreat leaving the weak kabal in the White House for Trump to destroy come January.

Anthony ‘dick nose’ Wiener

A face only a cops fist could love. Surprised him and R. Kelly are not friends? I mean R. Kelly loves teenage girls too. With luck they might be cell mates jerking off and laughing together.

Sexting maniac that fantasies of being married to 15 year old Anthony Wiener

His loss is this. Sorry sack of flesh wiener lap top reveals his trip to pedophile island where he molested kids. For those who don’t know Pedophile island has been exposed through Wikileaks, exposing Anthony messing with kids in the Clinton’s messed up satanic cult.

This motherfucker is already facing prison time. In addition he will roll or has rolled on Hillary for a lighter sentence. But when Trump brings him and the whole group to justice I can’t even imagine Anthony will survive being in a federal prison.

Talentless Lady-Barf-gaga

Looks like her fake ass hair is glued to her head to keep your brain from spilling out.

Lady Gagas image is on one of the Wikileaks files that was sent to the FBI. I don’t have the picture anymore you can find it on the net. She actually participated in a dumb ass Satanic Alister Crowley like ceremony. The attendance was Hillary, Bill, Pedosta and many more but you can find all of this on Wikileaks.

Lady Gagas loss.

This bitch will be losing her fan base and it will not surprise me this bitch gets slammed with an indictment herself for attending pedophile island. Like I always say, ‘Celebrities are not to be adored, but ignored who gives a shit about a overly paid talent-less barbie dolls.’ So expect this bitch to chased by parents and teenage girls shortly. I highly encourage to boycott Lady Gaga and countries who don’t tolerate her occult behavior ban her from your country and set all her CDs on fire.

John ‘the failure’ Pedosta


The big bad booty prime minister himself! Yup this little boy booty licker got his email messages exposed, thanks to Wikileaks. John is caught red handed ordering little boys and girls to his room. Also the code talk is this for little girls ‘vixens’ for boys ‘hot dogs’ and for none European descent kids ‘nuts’.

John, soon to be biggest loss now Trump is elected is many. First is the pedophile fantasy island and then there’s acts of treason looming on top of his lemon sized head. When Hillary lost the election those were not tears for her. They were tears for the prison time he will be facing.

David ‘scrotum face’ Rockefeller

Soros’ favorite old butt boy and derp-derp globalist

He’s going to lose a lot of money now that Trump is president elect.  However David the foreskin Rockefeller is behind of depleting education in the U.S. In his words the American people must be made dumb so we can install our NWO. The thing is he said that openly and he’s cool with it too.

He’s going to lose everything also his life. Once the globalist is kicked out of this country I am sure God will snatch his ass up for his overdue meeting with him.

Comey the shit stain

The embodiment of cowardice

Comey ‘still’ would not have Hillary brought on Charges of her naughty emails. I remember Larry Nichols saying Comey will be coward and cave in to the operatives in the White House. Low and behold it happened, Comey caved in because he was threatened by the henchmen of Hillary through Blackmail. Now instead of being stalwart and doing what’s right. Comey broke his oath a second time in front of the nation that he would not go after Clinton.

His loss, Comey will be forever be known as a coward and a lil bitch for the Clintons. I do believe Charges will be brought on him when Trumps drains the swamp. Furthermore his legacy in the FBI is shot all to hell. He will be known as ‘don’t be this guy.’

Dumb ass Social Justice Warrior


I am just going to lace into these self entitled pussies. First off these assnecks marixist minded shits are the most violent people I have ever seen. Let’s start off after the election.

Riot folks wearing the Mexican Flag

Asshats that have no idea what Country they’re in and chanting Trump is not my President. Now these ankle bites are all for democracy, in fact Trump is the President elect through a Democracy process. Even though Hillary stole five states and Trump still won.

Calling for a bloody revolution

For the sake of common sense the revolution has already happened! The republic has been restored but these left sided morons don’t get that. Remember Hillary preached, no matter who wins we should be peaceful, focus on healing and get on with our lives? Oh hell no not with Hillary supporters. These worn out twat waffles are on twitter calling for Trumps assassination. These shits are out on the streets beating up Trump supporters. These cum for brains are causing destruction to city property. They are doing this because they’re but hurt because the country has woke up from the communist nightmare. What confuses the hell out of me is the Presstitute media is treating this like a grass roots movement.

Black Lives Matter

I will write Trump to have them seen as terrorist/ sympathizers for the globalist

Can’t forget about the folks still living on the Democratic Plantation that’s paid for by the Globalist. These assholes are in on the rioting, attacking European Descents, and even attacking African Descents who don’t have the slave mind like BLM. News flash for the BLM you’re nothing more than a pawn and when this stupid game is over, BLM will face terrible consequences. You wanna be pit bulls for Globalist? then you’re gonna take the negatives of being one when all of your asses become wanted on the FBI list. And for the record BLM YOU’RE NO CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. You get your money from George Soros turd blossoms.

To you lousy Feminist!

This will be my last attempt to get through to you idiot feminist that support Hillary and believe in the left bullshit. I want you to remember this name ‘Kathy Shelton’ Kathy Shelton was brutally ganged raped when she was 12 years old. And your bitch witch hero Hillary represented rapist. Now Hillary made Kathy cry and her interrogation gave birth to interrogation laws, no lawyers can’t use in rape trails period! In addition Hillary grass roots of incompetence and bad judgement played out when I read about how she mishandled evidence. And to my speculation she got off making Kathy cry.

If you don’t believe me do me look it up!


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