Hillarys friendship with Terrorist

More damning evidence on Hilary’s terrorist buddy huma. For those who have no idea who she is, she’s Clintons right hand Jihad minded side kick. If Hilary is elected you seal the fate of this country to be friends with terrorist betwixt the destruction of this country.


Huma ( whatever her name is) has family ties to terrorist also she supports terrorist through her family owned business. Huma and Clinton are linked to Saudi Arabia, Islamic Brother hood and many terrorist minded assnecks. For those feminist brain washed hee-haws that voted for Hillary you’re dumb and sick in the head. Hillary will turn a blind eye when she lets 500k jihad assbites into America with intent on destroying this country, which will make Germany look like a cake walk.

Hillary stroking off terrorist

I suspect this is why Huma will get death certificate. She already flipped on Hillary with intent to save her worthless ass. But she’s already is going to face federal time for other things, the video posted may be what she’ll get grilled for.

In closing

we are in the crux of a damn revolution people, and by far this is the most interesting in American History. Also the corruption has been exposed world wide it’s time for real change to be rid of Hillary and her terrorist bastards forever. Keep up the good fight of exposing corruption that will lead them to Gods Tribunal.



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