NYPD Preparing for News Conference

Damn all in one day. NYPD will be preparing a press conference about Hillary Clintons Satanic Pedophile Ring. For the derp-derps that are still supporting Hillary the Queen Booty Daddy listen up. Wiener and His ex wife has flipped on Hillary in addition will be getting prison time for what they have done to minors.

If you don’t believe me look at this video.

NYPD will prepare press confernece about Hillary

Final thought this goes out to all you assholes that support Hillary goes what you support child Sex Slavery derp-derps. Clinton is cool with screwing children, killing them and keeping them alive and sale their organs.

Okay now this is getting real people! And the liberal presstitute media think this shit is funny. This is for real people it’s time for all of us get evil out of the country which is Hillary and the Globalist.

I am going to leave you with a quote: I write Horror because I am good at it. But real horror done by people, my work cannot rival such evil that dwells in the heart of Hillary Clinton.



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