Networks busted: Preparing for Hillarys Victory.

This is my day off to myself. I was going to spend it relaxing and cleaning till I saw this.

Alex Jones

In a nut shell what Alex is talking about is how the Globalist and the Network Media- ‘Coons for Hilary’ are indeed doing all they can to steal the election for the Hillary the Hag Clinton. To make this profound WRCB.COM is network out of Chattanooga TN that is notorious for shaving numbers in every presidential election since 2004, I believe. WRBC says that these polls are test shot, which is a bold face LIE. WRCB sends out these ‘test shots’ to every mainstream coon network across the nation, so they can broadcast their lies to the public. In addition George Soros admits that he funds rigged elections. So there’s no doubt what I am about to show you ‘all’ this is how far the presstitute media has fallen.


I started my search from the Information Alex Jones provided. First stop was twitter and clicked on Rod Dews’ name, and found this.

This site is no longer up. Actually I got booted off I will explain later in this blog

What you’re looking is what world now is serving to WRCB and many other Presstitutes mainstream network of curved numbers for Wanksta Crook Hillary. In addition this was done on two days ago. More so read the instructions on the picture above and see for yourself the hidden page that can’t be seen on the web.

I can’t get back on this page.

Before I go anyfurther I cannot get back on this page because of the 403 code, don’t have permission to get on to see the content anymore popped up for me. Hopefully you the reader can see it, if you can cool if not then that means they’re busted.

All of a sudden

All of a sudden when I got to the main page on WRCB I get to see the goose eggs on the so called test shot screen, aka stealing the election screen shot.

This report is still fresh and you can Worldnow is back tracking as we speak to cover up their mistake.
Pay close attention to the browser. Copy and paste this you’re going to get the previous screen shot I posted above this one or a 403 code error.

Hard proof

Now I want you to take a good hard look at how the globalist and the whore media harlots are shaving the votes to tailor it for Hillary to win by a large margin.

I am serious about this, look at the numbers here and compare them to an honest poll websites numbers for your state. Now if your state is pro trump and you see inaccurate numbers you should do your utmost on showing everyone this on my blog.

My state is pro trump and there’s no way Hillary has virgins chance in a whore house to win my state by no slim margin.

Saved the best for last

When I went back to confirm all of this. I bet World com and WRCB to the punch to get this.

What you’re seeing is the actual result of the Nov. 8th election of Clinton winning by a very imaginative slim number. In addition I can’t get back on this link at all to show all of you this. Like I said before I got kicked out by the 403 error code.

Here’s my proof on the 403 error code

I tried this twice on all the links the exception is Alex Jones. Someone needs to notify him on this. I will let you the reader to make your move bringing this to his attention.


I am not going to live under a totalitarian, welfare state kitchen Government led by Hillary diesel dyke Clinton. And allow the corrupted Globalist minded George Soros have another chance of being a shadow president of this country. With 5 days away from this historic election it’s time go all in on vigilance. Specifically remain at the ready and call out the media B.S. if you see it and report it, blog about and make others aware of this. Most important do something about it. The thing is George Soros and his whore Obama and the Clintons don’t rest to take away United States freedom to turn this country into a welfare war mongering nation. You should not rest till these parties of deplorable criminals are brought in front of a firing squad.




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