Violent Mercenary Thugs For Hillary

Social Justice ‘derp-derp’ warriors beat up homless woman with a common sense view point.

Twice on the same day I am passing word betwixt getting into politics because of this historical election. However I just got this video of Hillary supporters beating up a African Descent Woman. Reason why she supports Trump.

Marxist Minded Sheep For Hillary at Work

The left has stooped to an all time low. I should not be surprised because this takes place in California. California takes pride in being the indoctrinated communist bound state in the U.S., that deserves to be kicked out of the union. Must I digress from talking about the loser state of California and get to the point on why I am sharing this blog with you. I don’t like Hillary and I sure as hell do not like how stupid and violent the liberal progressive left is. But this is freaking Uncalled for. After you watched that video notice how ‘fat’ back kid pushes the lady down. Next listen to the articulate Benedict Arnold of the African Descent race, speak his twisted rhetoric of made up hate. And what makes this so deplorable the people just stood around. Some of the people laughed and some just watched. Now these derp-derp social justice weekend warriors continue to attack her and call her bitch. The only bitch I seen on this video are the males and women in the video.

Funded Violence

It’s no mystery that DNC is funding violence to attack Trump supporters. This entire year, really since the run for the white house began these left sided penis drippings have been blaming this on trump supporters. In reality the DNC has been busted for funding violence, objective physically attack Trump Supporters. Trump has filed a lawsuit against the DNC. This is how the Liberal, Progressive Democratic apes act! If you disagree with them have a difference of opinion they attack you. When you bring them truth they’ll dismiss your truth as false hood then get so irratated they’ll attack you.

This is nothing more than derp-derp bearded he bitch Marxist tactic. Any difference of political views, opinion or speaking the truth you get attacked. And get this They’ll be quick to say you’re the one being hateful, you’re the one being mean and my most favorite when they play the victim roll when you bust them!

Liberals Attacking African Descent Males

In my opinion African Descent Males get the worst from these attacks. They get called Coon, sell out to cracker lover, just because they’re Trump supporters and they’ve left the democratic plantation is droves since Trump told them the truth.

Donald Trump woke up a lot of African Descents when he told them that the democrats has used them for votes and yet they have mistreated them instead of helping them rise up. What really ticks me off you have these brain washed African Americans attacking African Descents because they don’t want to be apart of the plantation soap opera anymore. The black social part time warriors are more racist than a klansman. And they cannot stand to see or hear a African Descent man stand up for what is right and refuse to be a stereotype.

Main Stream media

Proof that the mainstream media is the ones behind this Stupidity Mainstream Media…Presstitutes

Mainstream media keeps the truth about these attacks away from the public to see! See the thing is the media has been bought out by the Hillary henchmen. And they say Trump supporters will be violent if Trump loses? Trust me the leftist shit bag justice warriors will be the ones causing trouble when Hillary Communist Clinton loses.




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