November 8th…HighNoon

Good evening people this election is very critical to this country. At first I was going to do a blog on the FBI reopening the email investigation as I was researching for videos to share I came across this video, Larry Nichols talking to Alex Jones. As I was reading other articles on 6:00 minute exactly I stopped typing and listened to what Larry is saying. Here’s the link

Larry Nichols gets real

In addition I want to warn Everyone about voter fraud. Everyone has seen Trump go on and on about video fraud. As warning dictate, all the fraud has come to light all over. Not getting into voter fraud fear. But here’s a tip all Trump supporters should do to protect your vote.

  1. If you’re dealing with a touch screen voting machine. At the precinct ask them about your vote being recorded. If the person says no then ask for a paper ballot ( like I did.) If they don’t they should direct to another precinct that has paper ballots. However one thing you should know…Those electronic touch screen voting machines are made by George Soros. If you don’t believe look it up, I will start you off with this link. George Soros voting ‘fraud’ machine
  2. Like I said before by pass the fraud machine and ask for a paper ballot.
  3. How to spot voter fraud. When you have voted, if you rolled the dice on the Soros machine. Ask for the ‘record’ of your vote. If you see that it’s wrong alert the head person of the Precinct  where you’re voting then call the police that you have been a victim of voter fraud.
  4. Next step, as I said before notify your local law enforcement immediately! Also get word out that voting fraud has happened.

Well that’s all that I have for now keep ya head up and good night.


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