The Media and MSN polling is false!

Usually I do not blog about politics people But I have to be honest with you on why I am voting for Trump and how the dishonest media, msn and other lying mainstream media cohorts is tricking all of you. But let me begin with how the media is deceiving you.

Before I get started I am doing this blog piece slightly different for those who don’t research and rather believe in being video bound. Not berating you, just want to show you evidence to back this up.

Trust alternative media outlets

Real Politics

The link above shows you how far ahead Trump is over Hilary Clinton. Mainstream ‘sellout’ media shows Clinton ahead of Trump by a huge margin is completely false. The thing is Hilary bought the media with her stolen money from her fraudulent Clinton foundation to make this happen. Get this there’s good news the alternative media outlets have skyrocketed, first time in American History that ‘we the people’ are not buying the kool aid Mainstream Media is pushing. In addition here’s a video of yesterdays poll

Poll result after the final debate

These are the real numbers here also Bill informs you on how messed up the media is and inaccurate numbers they are tossing in front of you, to make you believe the election is done deal. More so Bill and Andrea discuss how the media is aiding to rig the election, websites for you to get ‘real’ poll numbers and reveal all the smoke in mirrors the mainstream media is doing.

Why am I voting for Trump

I have done my research on his enemy Hilary. Then I looked at Donald Trump. I will say voting for Hilary is sure way of handing over this country to the Globalist that once to destroy America. Trump on the other hand has called out the corruption everytime in his debates and speeches he gives. Even he made CNN turn off their cameras when he called them out about ( that you have to look up and see for yourself.).

I am voting for Trump because I love my freedom

I am voting for Trump because I am sick of the corruption in this country

I am voting for Trump to put Hilary, Obama, Mc Cain, Bill Clinton, Eric Holder and many of their henchmen in Military Tribunal.

I am voting for Trump because I want something done about these foreign invaders coming into our country with their drugs, diseases and dead beats who leech of tax payers money to live for free.

I am voting for Trump because I don’t want WW3 with Russia

I am voting for Trump because this country needs to gain the trust of our allies again and make a apology for the evil Obama and his pimp George Soroz has done to the world.

I am voting for Trump to kill of the NWO agenda.

Even Putin Warns America about Mainstream Media

Putin to Americans “Don’t be deceived.”

If you don’t believe, I hope you made notes on the all websites the videos I posted listed. Do your research and look at what the lying mainstream media is not telling you.





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