Jessica Drake False Claim

On sunday morning of all things Jessica Drake an active porn star and director comes forward to bear false witness on Trumps bad sexual misconduct. Here’s a link to her Fantasy story she’s telling the mainstream media. When you’re watching the video attention to the necklace she’s wearing spelled ‘wicked’.

Jessica Drake Lying on the air

Now ‘bing’ search or Duck duck go search Jessica Drakes website or twitter page. You’ll see ‘wicked’ is this


Yup advertising for her website slash business on sex education. This B.S. sex misconduct on Trump happens when he’s already ahead in three different polls already.

Real Politics


And all of a sudden boom Cry wolf happens. I am gonna break this down. Remember my last blog about ‘ being deceived’ this is another attempt of deception by the paid off media doing Hilary’s bidding. And to make my statement stick did you notice Gloria Allred beside Jessica Drake? Smoking gun again this accusation is faker than Kim Kardashians booty.

Gloria Allred is clown and mockery of righteousness. Gloria attaches her self to peripheral derp-derp bimbos who lie on men that didn’t sexual assault, rape or abuse women. She diverts attention from ‘real’ victims of heinous sex crimes that need top notch representation. Instead Gloria is a undisputed camera junky and money hungry whore, that will do anything to get in the spot light and get paid. In addition she’s a mockery to the lawyer profession and she should have her license to practice burned in front of her face. In closing Gloria is nothing more than a egoistical moron chasing fame like her worn out client Jessica Drake.

To me this story is already D.O.A because Gloria Allred is attached to this and Jessica no brain Drake advertises her business by wearing a suggestive necklace when she’s falsifying sex misconduct against Trump. She still is porn star people and she does get tricked out at numerous hosted parties for wealthy men.

As for the picture shown in the photo pictures are worth too much opinion but body language is fact. It’s clearly Trump had no interest in this woman, he was just taking a picture with her.

Women who blame men for sex misconduct and rape…Look at Jessica Drake and Gloria here these are the Benedict Arnold you should divert your anger and outrage towards.



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