Generation Toy_ Constructicons Reviewed


This has been a fun betwixt frustrating ride on finally obtaining all six of the best Constructicons I have seen in a long time. With that being said I am just going to be honest with you readers. I love this impressive set, each figure has character and all members are detailed.


Nothing major some parts on some of the figures should’ve had locking mechanisms on them, such as Navvys arm plates and bone crushers barbarian shoulder armor.

Good and lots of it

The aesthetic, colors, face sculpts and QC is out of this world. Like I said previously covering GT constructicons the updated look brings a huge draw to collectors and none collectors. I do dig the creative liberty GT has done with them. In addition on my rating on each figure none of them ranked below 6. For those who are new to reading my blogs my ratings are unbiased. I go by 1. QC 2. Appearance 3. Colors. Most important is the QC because I am one of those collectors who plays with his figures. Therefore you can take my reviews to the bank!

Weakest Link?

No figure is the weakest link at all. These guys are a team of engineers by day and instruments of destruction at their second job. Instead each figure feeds off the other, in clear terms I cannot and will not say a weak link exist in third party combiner teams because they’re made from the same plastic, know what I mean? I hope I made since on this.


I am only going to compare GT constructicons to other combiners made by Warbotron. For those who don’t know Warbotron is Generation Toy their other company is Tranfrom Mission. Excellent strategy to have two factories pushing out two figures at a time. Enough about that lets get to comparison



Solid figures: Best damn figures QC wise

I am placing the Constructicons as the solid number 2 behind the my Techno Tesla bots.

Guerrilla Unit Combaticons

Love them even though they’re flawed

Unfortunately Guerilla Combaticons have to take third place. Not completely hateful, but I can’t forget how much trouble shooting I had to do on these figures.


GT is really raising the standards with each combiner they do. From what I have heard and seen on their version of Jazz, their doing the same for single figures as well. In opinion GT has made it to the top in less than two years, very impressive for a third party company risking all on combiners. Thanks for reading and keep playing with your figures.


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