Gravity builder_Update!



Good evening fellow collectors. I just found out something about Gravity Builder. Specifically the arms do fully extend out. I won’t take too much of your time so let’s get to it.

Beef Cake Look: You can widen those Sampson shoulders out. GT best hidden secret

Key thing here I had to accordion these bad boys out. After playing with Gravity Builder again I saw this.

Double Joint: I disconnect this and slowly shimmy this out to full extent.

This is ‘very’ genius engineering on GTs part. Also the joints are very robust. You can make Gravity Builder even more imposing on other combiners.

Looks even better:

Now you can utilize the left arm more freely. I certainly enjoyed snuffing this out. I am pretty sure others have found this out. If not and you’re reading glad to be of help. From what I recall there’s a emgo review up that shows exactly what I am talking about. Enjoy and thanks for reading.



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