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Good afternoon and Greetings to all! I finally completed Gravity Builder and the journey was a long- but well worth it. Apology for the late review, as you know I believe in giving myself a week of play time for combiners to work out the new plastic. Let’s get to the review shall we.


Has nothing to do with Gravity Builders QC at all. Kind of ticked off I didn’t receive my replacement parts for dump trucks hips. As for the bad about Gravity Builder you ask? Get this…I have nothing B.A.D I found about Gravity Builder. He’s flawless, look he’s one big, heavy action figure. However I don’t hand out the A+ grade for QC like candy when it comes to combiners. Although Generation Toy has wowed me.


And I have to big hefty bags full of ‘good’ for Gravity Builder.

Pieces of the black cab here doesn’t tab in.

Some people griped about this, even I did first time I combined him after devoting some good ole ‘play time’ this was insignificant.

Weapon storage: This is a big deal to me. All weapons on Gravity builders body are very snug on his body. No gun popped out of place when I move his arms.


Double Ratchet: Both Navvy and Bone crusher have this clever double joints in the arms.

This is GT going the extra mile betwixt taking people like me into consideration that we will mess around with Gravity Builder from time to time.

BoneCrusher: To utilize the left arm to expose the double ratchet, it will take some clever maneuvering. As you can see here I got it to work.
Due to the design: I couldn’t get the arm to go any higher because the shovel slammed into his head. No big deal to me and I don’t see this as a flaw on GB either.
Working the plastic: First play session this would not stay in

On the photo above I had a hard time keeping this in the place. After the third combine mode it stays locked ( GT knows magic.)

About damn time! Finally the hook extension folds down on his back. Also it cleans up very well giving GB a neat and clean look.


Generation Toy took their time to make this QC perfect and more so an eye appealing imposing devastator. Attention to detail is smoking gun when looking at Gravity Builder. To be specific anyone with an untrained eye can behold six construction vehicles make up this behemoth Devastator.

Also he’s heavy: you’ll get a work messing around with him.


Don’t get me wrong I was impatient near the end of this long ride to get the last two figures. However the wait is well worth it. I am one of the collectors that doesn’t believe in collecting the same combiner made by different companies. The point I am going to make adjoins to someone making up their mind to what devastator they want for their collection. With ‘TOO’ many 3rd party devastators on the market there’s a lot of devastator to go around for everybody. It all depends on your taste and what do you have to spare in your bank account. I rolled with GT after I saw the first two figures then I got on board after witnessing nothing will be set aside in combine mode. Generation Toy has knocked this out of the ball park. With solid engineering, clever paint apps and outstanding face sculpt, from me perspective GT has immediately became one of the bad ass third party companies in regards to figures and combiners. I gave them gripe about they don’t like shipping to the U.S. But I am being very honest here. In conclusion of this discussion I will end in a question. Will GT ( TransformMission )Menasor be on the same level as Gravity Builder, in regards to QC and appearance?

Recommending Gravity Builder?

   Like I said in the previous discussion section it will be all up to a persons taste. Second  question is , what does your collection look like?’ If you’re classics collector, MP Collector or idw collector, will GB fit in your collection? Second thing is price he’s 600 bucks and so is TW devastator and TFC’s Devy also. If you want an upgraded Devastator with nothing set aside for combine mode roll with GTs Gravity Builder.


Angry face pictures



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