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Good evening fellow fans and fellow collectors! The day has arrived! Honestly Friday was the actual day of celebration when crane ‘finally’ showed up on my door step. When you finally get the last figure for a combiner it does feel like you accomplished a great feat, persevered through all the delays and put up the Generation Toys’ double standard when shipping to the U.S. Well I am happy that I finally got a upgraded Devastator and bad ass looking Constructicons too. Now let’s get to review.

The Bad

Let’s get the ‘negative’ out of the way because their is a few negatives I want to point out on crane. The first negative about the figure is crane display option.

Almost a tripod and half. Hook barley touches the ground. But you can forget about action posing it with it attached.

This is a tough call to make on this, however I figure GT could’ve made another collapsing piece for the crane so it doesn’t scrub the ground. On the other hand look at the past homage to third party hooks we have seen. In my opinion no third party company has nailed this character to date. Although I will go out on the limb, you do have the option to detach the crane. Then, eh, uggh, then you had to set it aside because it doesn’t fit in Cranes’ hands, plus there’s no more pegs to plug the crane into.

Now the second display option is lunacy, to the point I laughed.

Could’ve fooled me. Looks like GT was thinking about Gordon’s Fisherman.

This is very reminicent of Make Toys Hook. The differences is Crane’s hook appendage looks like very large scorpion tail gone wild. MakeToys’ you could put a gun in it or attach it to Dr. Cranks arm and use it as melee weapon. He wasn’t teetering when I took this picture but he looks down right messed up like this.

Back pack not tabbing in securely.

The green peg is on the green piece swung far right. Showing you the second whole below the first one. Why you ask? my mold this peg doesn’t fit ‘snug’ in the hole at all.

When transforming him this piece shown above becomes a two year old on a sugar rush. Meaning when you’re manipulating the upper body for transformation to bot mode or to vehicle this gets a tad ridiculous betwixt funny. More so when playing with hook it does have a tendency to pop out of place when playing with him. Furthermore it limits the waist rotation too when it’s pegged in.  I am just going to use some nail polish to fix this issue.

Thigh chaps or hip skirts?

Limited to no movement here at all. Will show solution picture shortly keep reading. Be honest this thigh chap should have a place to peg into right or wrong?

Here comes the dreaded ‘chaps’ or hip skirt issue. On my mold the thin plastic is robust and reinforced with a no nonsense screw. Keep in mind this is attached to then plastic with a double hinge with three sixty rotation around the knee area. Like I said in the caption this should snap into place somewhere on the leg but doesn’t. And don’t think about bending the leg when you have it like this.

Solution at last!

This absolutely works! Out of the way and you can pose him!

In the instruction, specifically page 3 and 4 there’s no mention of tabbing in the grey hinge into anything? I believe this was up in the air when GT was redesigning Crane. On to my solution. Just slide the thigh swivel pieces into the back here and leave the grey flaps as is. This way you get full knee bend and flexibility out of crane with no collateral to the flaps.

The cap looks like flop house

On this picture I just transformed Crane once and then combine mode, already it looks like it has seen better days lol.

One session of transformation and the panels has started their rebellion.

The plastic that tabs into the head is very thin. So thin that I hate this type of plastic on figures period. When manipulate this part people be extremely careful here.

Turret a tad too small?

Gravity Builders gun that transforms into a gun turret was teased sooo much on fakebook I actually believed it would be a huge turret…Nope

Sorry Crane this is the turret you’re stuck with.

You have to bend crane down to taking a dump stance to get his hands on it. Again a extension could’ve fixed this. But as you know GT was thinking about their Menasor or something else.

The Good

Crane has a lot of good in him. The solid ratchets in needed areas. He’s very sturdy with stalwart ratchets to boot. In addition clever use of strong plastic used on this figure for combine mode as well. He does have parts not tabbing in on his body like the rest of his brothers. The shoulder pad slash flaps don’t bother me it’s the chaps that should’ve had somewhere to plug in. I know I said this twice already but this bothers me to a degree. However I love the updated ‘hook’ look Crane has. The face sculpt is realistic plus when you wrap your hands around him, Crane does have heft to him.

The engineering in regards to transformation to pose ability is dead on the money. You’re going to have a lot of fun playing with Crane. I can’t forget the display options one will have once you own him.

Scale on 1 to 10

I am going to be honest I am giving Crane a 7 flat. If GT made some of the parts peg into places I would gladly give him a ten. Also the turret being made for bumbletard knocked the wind out of me. I will say Gravity Builders gun is the best one I have seen for combiner this year.


In my opinion Crane was rushed I can see it on parts of the figure like I showed previously. However during the call back and frustration GT did own up on making this work and some of it paid off. Gravity Builder is my combiner and I love all the figures. I am just being honest with my review on Crane. Engineering on Crane like the rest of the team members is solid at times you can see where GT just goes ‘whatever’, in regards of kibble not tabbing in. In all do respect some of it doesn’t bother me I easily looked it over. Which reminds I will be doing a blog review on the team after I do one on the combine mode. Back to discussing crane. Crane is by far the best representation of Hook period. I hope this review helped you all out.

Do I recommend Crane

If I aided in making up your mind on getting Crane, let me know on the comments and I am glad to help you  out. However when you get Crane you’ll want to invest in the whole team. If you want updated Constructicons and distance yourself from G1 Puri-sites then go all in Gravity Builder.



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