TFC: Cyber Jaw Review



Good afternoon, and welcome to the blog review on TFCs second team member Cyber Jaw. I took my time to play with him a bit before I did the review. Cyber Jaw has that same it factor of ‘can’t keep my hands off him.’ Okay let’s get on to the review.


Not a fan of thin plastic on figures. However TFC has found away not making the thin plastic on the sides of Cyber Jaw snap, nicely engineered on TFCs part. As far as the rest of Quality on the figure is outstanding. Cyber Jaw with stood being transformed many time. Take it from me he’s built to last like Big Bite. One thing I do want to point out. I should’ve pointed out the key thing about the solid hinge and ball joint that’s on both Cyber and Overbite. To be specific you can get some dramatic ups and downs when moving Cyber Jaws head.


I truly believe the neon plastic should’ve been put on Cyber Jaws shoulders. After all the neon yellow plastic on Overbites shoulders does look good on him. Green neon plastic on Cyber Jaws shoulders will look bad ass on him. Color apps over all on Cyber Jaw is simple. Majority of his body is green. The secondary color apps are maroon, light purple and yellow mouth guard. My copy is missing one yellow color accent on the right side of his face. Not wha-bulancing about that. In addition not getting all upset about the scuff mark on his chest. I am just going to dismiss the errors as basic human error. Hey after all Human errors happen all the time.


For a figure with one busy right foot he poses pretty damn well. More so the base and heel of the feet can be manipulated so you can pose him how ever your heart desires. I don’t count it against Cyber Jaw at all, after playing with him a bunch of time, the feet are one of those things you have to use your head to get him good poses. To be clear no minus on the creepy feet. Furthermore his articulations is excellent

  • 360 Head movement
  • No 360 at the thigh due to the design on his thigh
  • Elbows perfect 90 degree bend
  • Shoulders don’t clash on head when you raise them up.
  • Full 360 waist, full the 360 bicep, full 360 wrist.

Thoughts on Cyber Jaw:

TFC is approaching King P by doing one figure at a time betwixt making each bot look like the work together. For this combiner this is not easy. My thoughts on cyber jaw, TFC has done a good job on him. And I can see attention to detail has been fulfilled on TFCs part. However I cannot ignore a figure like this is engineered well, but I can see they had no choice on what to do about the feet. Cyber Jaw does have a tremendous amount of good about him too. In regards to his detail, QC and articulation, TFC is improving per release. And I cannot wait for Iron Shell! Thanks for reading and have great one.


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