Generation Toy: Faking the Funk


Good evening,

    This blog is not a review or update. But the picture and title speaks for itself. To get right down to it let’s start with some question you may already have concerning collecting Gravity Builder team.

    When is crane going to be released? Where is Generation Toys Jazz? Asia has the figure how come we don’t have the figure in America? These are just a few questions I asked betwixt heard over the many months in collecting GB team. As you know due to the delays, QC issues spotted and corrected you would imagine the customers slash collectors in the U.S. would have this set completed?

    All the hype about their Master Piece Jazz and watching people play with him, take photos of him and posting him on boards kinda makes some people jealous. When it comes to me it slightly ticks me off at the same time wonder why how come retailers have not gotten Jazz or Crane yet.

    Here’s what I found out from a source that’s ‘face down’ in the mix of this already. It appears Generation Toy made a statement saying, ‘We would rather sell our products in Asia instead of the U.S.’

   With that being said it shows in GTs work as well. If you read the review in Dump Truck I made a point about obvious things GT should not have missed. More so this explains why Jazz has not shown up in the U.S. at all. GT has two factories which means they can pump out two figures at a time. Since Jazz is a single figure, common sense dictates mass producing him will be easier than exposing Hilary Clinton as the biggest liar of all time.

   GT doesn’t like selling in the U.S. period. Some people say U.S. is a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of Asian Collectors, I get that to a certain extent. But I am going to call ‘bullshit’ On Generation Toy and here’s why.

First off, if GT doesn’t like selling in the U.S. do us collectors a ‘big’ favor in the USA and stop advertising your stuff over here. To be specific, no more weibo pics on facebook and stop soliciting to U.S. online retailers. Hey GT, if our numbers are nothing then you should just halt on marketing your menasor to us asap. I talked to three business people about this specific issue all of them just laughed at me and they assumed I was punking them out.

   Business man 1: That’s the most retarded thing I heard all day. If you’re selling a product world wide you don’t say what Generation Toy said and expect a positive outcome.

  Business man 2: I can see the low numbers in regards to money spent on U.S. marketing is not satisfactory with number of units bought to generate revenue. However if it’s costing them more money to do business in the U.S. then they should stop all together. Also stop wasting money on advertising to retailers.

   When I told Business man two about ‘Faking the Funk GT’ is still going on like nothing happened. He literally rolled his eyes and said this.

   ‘ Common sense business practice is a lost art.’

   Business man 3: ‘LMAO’, if the U.S. is burden to them, why don’t the skip the middle man and have people in the U.S. buy directly from their warehouse, store or GT wholesalers?  They can save money by setting up a website the deals with buying from Generation Toy directly.  Now  GT airing out their filth laundry  is lunacy, you can’t afford bad press in this modern age it can literally tick people off and kill your business quick.

  On the last sentence has taken effect on my mind set right now towards Generation Toy. This Gravity Builder and Jazz will be the last thing I will ever buy from them period. The way I see it is this people.

   When you’re on a ‘world’ stage, a stage you set up yourself. You know you’re not going to half ass perform on the stage right? Example Two: Me going out with Sarah Jay, I am not going to be a minute man in the bed with her and tell her,’ Sorry Sarah pleasuring each other takes too long to do, and that’s why I am stopping hope you over stand me.’

    To be frank I am done with Generation Toy, washing my hands clean of them. If I do have a change of heart to pick up their MP menasor, I will  get the whole set and probably buy it from another collector. That way GT doesn’t get 500 dollars of my money. Hell work my connects and wheel and deal with retailer and get it for a cheaper price. But that’s in the future. For now I am done with them. I am over the teasing for crane and Jazz. Just want to complete my devastator and stick with Third party companies that don’t go ‘bitch’ mode when it comes to company expenses spent on the U.S. Market. If this pisses off Generation Toy I really don’t care because they are the ones that don’t give a damn about collectors in the U.S. as for me I don’t give a damn about them either…Consider your asses boycotted Generation Toy.


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