Generation Toy_ DumpTruck


Luke warm reception

Ya know when you’re hyped up to get a new figure your combiner? All of sudden delay and more delays happen? When you finally get it your happiness leaves town, and all you have is a lack luster feeling when you get it?

If you know what I am talking about then you know how I feel about receiving Dump Truck. To be specific the reason why I am not that all excited about him is this, TFC’s Seacons have better QC than all 5 figures I have for this set. In addition I found out that GT would rather cater to the Asian Market than the U.S., I will get into that later.

Dump Truck Good and Bad

There’s a lot of good about Dump Truck. But I want to address the bad first and finish off with the good if you will.

The Bad.

There’s QCs in key areas on my mold on dump truck. If you don’t have any on yours good for you.  First off his left shoulder tab does not click into place.


Picture on the left: The green tabs here are millimeter too wide for the gray  ports to plug into the green tabs. As a result when I move his left arm that thin gray piece flops around like Rhianna on a Saturday night full of purple drink.

Combine mode Bad:

Addressing the collector drama with the connector ports. Apparently I have a serious issue with Mixers connector port.


Manipulation on the left leg the port slips out just a tad. Consequence dictates, DumpTrucks connector ratchets bends. It’s a good thing but it’s not what I want to move. More so the movement is limited.

Its ‘roll the dice’ scenario every time I move the leg for poses betwixt test QC. Over time this plastic on the port may or may not wear out. I am looking for a replacement port for mixer to solve this problem. To be honest this is something I don’t like doing. I mean this is ‘Third Party’ the combining ports should be top notch not this ‘hasbro’ mistake!

Good things about Dump Truck

There’s some good about Dump Truck. He’s beefy, has heft and he looks like he’s ready cannon ball an autobot back to cybertron. GT has done a good job on making his lower body sturdy. The ratchets are nice and stiff. However on the right leg socket it’s a tad to stiff to move in combine mode. In addition the same issue I have with the right leg ‘clicking’ out in robot mode as well. Dump Truck detail is well thought out even the detail added on the figure, GT didn’t have to do but they did to make  Dump Truck stand out betwixt be in uniform harmony with his team mates.

GT owns up

GT has announced replacement pieces will be sent with crane. To be absolute, we’re getting two new springs for the hips for dumb truck. When GT says that they knew this was going to happen on Dump Truck. Don’t get all panic attack, like I said some of them like my dump truck has this issue. GT is just protecting the bank account by sending everyone replacement parts, just in case you get a stiff legged Dump Truck.


Going to be honest These QC errors should’ve been spotted before GT sent Dump Truck off. Therefore I will give Dump Truck a solid 9. Generation Toy is Warbotron, only difference is they may have different engineers. But no excuse, this company has two freaking combiners under their built and to let these tiny QCs issues go by, is not acceptable.


I heard from a source that Generation Toy prefers to only sell to the Asian Market than selling to U.S. In my opinion-no I am going to be brutally honest with you all. This is by far the most derp-derp statement I have ever heard. And here’s why. When you put your company on a world stage and stating you have the top product. You can’t go paper tiger mode and say you would rather leave U.S. buyers out. If you don’t get it, here’s an example. When you get lucky and have the opportunity to sleep with your favorite porn star, you’re going to stick your penis half way inside the vagina and be a minute man? No you’re going bang till smoke comes out of your ears!

‘No we prefer selling to Asian Market than the U.S.’

Granted GT does have more buyers in Asia than the U.S. But face freaking reality money is money, If the U.S. is a drop in the bucket, well wouldn’t you ship to the U.S. at the same time releasing figures in China? You know tackle the little stuff first and move up to the bigger ones, not the other way around. Also keep in mind common sense business is lost art these days and this  is why a lot of people can’t stand big business anything.  In closing, since GT said that  I may completely opt out their homage to Menasor. Not hinting I am hurt just shocked GT saying that they don’t like shipping to the U.S. To me that’s Va-jay-jay and cry babish. If you don’t like shipping to U.S. then don’t do U.S. marketing over here period. As for their Menasor, I might get it or may not- if I do I want to ‘ease’ the GT burden by buying all 5 of the members. The reason why I don’t we the individual that breaks the GT piggy bank to accommodate shipping cost to the West

Anyway people hope you enjoyed the review and my ‘telling the truth’ moment.


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