Q and A With a Fan: Seasons Of Pain 2

chat with a fan


Q and A with a fan: Seasons of Pain 2

A few days ago got an email and chat invite on the sorry PM. Thank goodness it was an enthusiastic fan asking me some ‘good’ questions about Seasons of Pain. Specifically about Jesse then conversation lead to book two I am finished with and currently writing book three. In America I do have my minority fan following. To let you guys in a secret Seasons of Pain will be pushed into another country, but I will get into that at the end of this. For now read and enjoy the conversation I had with a fan.

Fan: Q: Ok …how did u come up with the whole concept of Jesse and adi???And do you feel a connection with your characters and the supernatural

Me:  Jesse is a part of three different women I interviewed ( I know). Now the concept of making her an exiled Witch was pretty much a no brainer. I wanted Jesse to be this unblemished, curvy dark haired sexy woman with ‘nasty’ past. In addition she’s strong but she doesn’t give herself credit.

Adalious: The concept of Adalious is more of me shoving my foot in this racist society’s mouth. I made Adalious African Descent/ the strongest Psychic in the world/ 210 IQ to go with him. I have got sick and tired of ‘lily’ white cast members in books. So when I made Adalious the way he is…I sent my message, don’t want anything to do with the traditional publishing.

Aside from that Adalious does have his darkness about him the twist is he mastered his darkness in himself, which he’s stronger, cannot be influenced and he’s his own man.

I feel connection with my characters because, at times when you know the truth people look at you different and you’ll have so few friends because of it. For example I am a history nut. I prefer reading history what people don’t tell you. By going this route, I made a lot of enemies I gladly put down.

Why a supernatural dominated cast. People are ‘boring’, and too much trouble to write in a horror book. In addition people are too damn predictable. Instead I made a supernatural cast, even though the characters are so much better than people. But they have their fears, make mistakes and have their own agendas. That way I can build a bridge to the reader quickly because the reader can identify with the characters.

Fan: Do you feel that there is supernatural things in this world is what why u r good at writing in this nature?

Me: There’s tons of supernatural stuff on this planet. Disregard stupid ghost and haunted areas. I am talking about stone crop circles, Dogon tribe in Africa that still has connection to Annunaki to this day. I am good at writing things of this magnitude. It’s like a second reflex to me. I guess it’s from having a strong filter when it comes to learning. Meaning I disregard what the indoctrinated bullshit and finding the truth for myself.

Fan:  will Jesse start to embrace her supernatural powers again?

Me: Yes indeed but in a big twist.

Fan: So book 2 is going to be the blockbusters of blow outs? So we as the readers will be more schooled on who and what Jesse and Adalious are?

Me: I will say block buster more leaning towards of shock value towards the reader. In addition the fight scene between Adalious and a Sid Lord he takes out. You and other readers will get a treat…You get to see the ‘full’ truth on why Jesse was exiled.

Trust me it’s a tear jerker betwixt a fist tighten ‘er too. Also I show Jesse’s inner strength she doesn’t give herself credit.

Fan: That’s why I like Jesse’s character. Speaking for myself I think women don’t give themselves enough credit so they make bad decisions and then regret what they do…Jesse is a strong women but she doubts herself…I can relate to that.

Me:  You got it!!! When you read why the kuven kicked out Jesse betwixt what you said will be shown in the pages. But somehow she managed to keep herself together. Unfortunately she made a choice on just forgetting that turned into a case of ptsd.


Pushing Seasons of Pain into another country:

It seems USA is flooded with bad authors and Traditional Publishing proudly being racist, sexist and doing everything in their power to allow talent-less authors get the spot light. From all this ‘crap’ in this country I will not waste money on doing any large campaign book wise in America for Seasons of Pain two. No offense I like my country but my hate on what it has become out ways the good. I have some plans in the works for promotional stuff for the book. But my fans, this is not towards you neither will I leave you out. I will do marketing buzzing in the states but it will just be enough to alert all of you when Seasons of Pain2 will be on the market. But more market muscle will pushed into Europe. Personally I want to separate myself from paper authors, bad authors and traditional publishing because I don’t want to have anything to with them.  To many authors in the west glorify stealing and refuse to learn the craft of writing.  This is one of the reasons why I am getting distance from the bad apples. So don’t be surprised when Seasons of Pain does well in another country and I am catering to a bigger fan base. It’s nothing personal to my fans. It’s just me keeping my work and the name Imowen Lodestone distant from none creative authors and off the grid of lap dog agents. I have been thinking about this before I put Seasons of Pain out on the market.  Again for my fans, you will be the souls that will know about Seasons of Pain 2s release slash stages of progress ect. For those who are not fans, I am not going to waste money on more marketing to get more fans in this country. Like I said bad authors and traditional publishing houses  has made creativity a crime to practice. Till then people keep ya head up get back to you guys later.






















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