Fuck Chick Lit

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Chick Lit a lame sub genre that was created by Cris Maza and Jeffery DeShell. The genre reared it’s double standard head around the mid nineties. Serving as post feminist or second wave feminist movement that went beyond women being victims to covering romance, courtship and finding love in  a fucked up situation in a book. Unfortunately in 1996 it took an ugly turn, James Wolcott’s 1996 article in The New Yorker, “Hear Me Purr”, co-opted the term “chick lit” to proscribe what he called the trend of “girlishness” evident in the writing of female newspaper columnists at that time.

And this is  how Chick lit came to be. It started as something new even though it had an awful label ‘Chick lit’. Just when women were making a stride in the right direction then along comes co-opt whistle dicks calling it ‘girlishness’ at the same time opened doors for authors that take women back to 900 b.c. Also bad authors snaked their way into chick lit genre too.

This is another thing I am pissed off about is this labeling horse shit! If a sci fi book, fantasy book or whatever is written by woman it’s immediately a candidate for Chick Lit. What I am about to say is not for the ‘paper author’ so if you’re one of those paper authors that troll on facade book for ideas, ask questions you need to be asking yourself stop reading right now and get a writing mentor pronto!

For the women and men reading this blog, serious about your work listen up. I say take absolute owner ship of your work and labeling it. Don’t let your agent, publishing company tell you how you should label your work. Keep in mind the media and publishing houses give each other the reach round and agents are lap dogs for the publishing companies, meaning they’ll pigeon hole you quick! . Like I said own up to everything during the process. If you don’t then you let the critics and other none creative entities will categorize your book and you.

Jodi Picoult owns up to her work in addition she calls out critics and everyone else who labels her work chick lit. Jodi (Davies, 2015) let’s everyone know how ‘shitty’ the literature world is towards female writers. Also (Davies, 2015) And she has ‘go fuck yourself’ to King Cornball  and Nichol Sparks on one of her sound bites

In Jodi’s words (Davies, 2015) I write womens fiction it doesn’t mean audience, it means I have female parts. Jodi goes on to say she and other writers like her are not taken seriously unfortunately I can see the source of her rage. This hurts Jodi’s bank account to potential ‘big’ mouth loyal fans. I don’t mean big mouth in an insulting way. I mean big mouth loyal fan(s) that will not stop putting her work on a pedestal. In other words free advertisement, all of us authors would kill to have hundreds of fans singing our praises. That means more sales and more fans which means happiness.

The labeling has got to stop and the goddamn double standard needs to fade away like a flat top. The only clear way for Authors like Jodi to be taken seriously is let the ‘Author’ classify their own work and be educated on how to avoid the evil labeling, Publishing companies do. More so this is correlative to  Kristine Kathryn Rusch  went through with her work , I mentioned in a previous blog. Kristines predicament she’s a European Descent Female that wrote a book from a African Descent point of view and got exposed to how racist and sexist the publishing industry is. Maybe African Descent Men and European Descent Women have a common foe in the Traditional Publishing Industry?


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Davies, M. (2015). Jodi Picoult says fuck you. Jezebel.com.




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