Commotus Review

Commotus 002
This dude just looks mean…I love it.


First time I handled him the thin piece of plastic on his arm ‘snapped!’ Before I begin the review the only bad thing about this figure and Spartan is the awful thin plastic. I don’t like thin plastic on important areas on a figure period.


Commotus is homage to an idw comic book character. I don’t read lame comics people but ‘I love’ what MMC is doing with them. It’s a big breath of fresh air from G1 accurate communism. Off subject I do see myself going the idw route when it comes to collecting. The reason why to separate myself from the G1 stickler communist party I am sick of hear bitch and whine about figures not meeting their expectations.

Back to the game!

Color app: Meticulous thin blue lines on his body and gun. Commotus is almost a solid black figure. The only acceptation is the tank treads, red metallic eyes and thin blue paint on this body and gun. However I have heard and seen other take creative initiative in adding color on him. I have thought about his alot. Judging from the photos I took of Commotus looks like I don’t need to. I mean look at these pictures they came out spotless.


Being honesty everything is rock solid with Commotus but I am not a fan of thin plastic. I already mentioned previously my ordeal with it snapping. However everything else is fantastic on Commotus.


I do recommend Commotus but be very mindful on the thin plastic that taps on the peg to secure his arms. Keep the previous sentence in mind and everything will be good. In addition his transformation is the same as Spartan.


9.5/10 He broke the first time I handled him. More so MMC should avoid using thin plastic on figures like Commotus.


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