Sub Genre pigeon holing

sub genres
Look how Traditional Publishing is making a periodic table out of Genres.

Sub genre and another sub genre. Once again the Traditional Publishing ding bats stirs the pot of division. But this time Traditional Publishing Marketing slugs add the ‘sub’ genre spice to make your trip to the book store more aggravating in finding a book you want. For example when you’re looking for a specific book written by specific author, and you know the book is fantasy. But when you’re in a book store finding it may not be easy. Such as your book may be in the fantasy section then you don’t see it. Then you ask for help from someone who works there

‘What sub genre is it under?’

And you have no earthly idea what sub genre it is, no you and the clerk are playing a friendly game of find my book.

This is getting rather dull and it makes Traditional Publishing look even more inferior than they already are.  Another ‘pigeon’ hole tactic by the publishing houses at the expense of driving you cra-cra.

I strongly believe publishing houses are pushing books to appeal to a minority audience who actually read these new genres. For example steam punk. It’s fantasy betwixt with an early 17 century vibe to it that’s pretty lame. And let’s get into the racist side ‘which’ is urban. Urban can viewed as African Descent writers or the story taking place in a city, usually associated with horror, suspense, thrillers and all that label lameness.

More so the sexist label peeked it’s ugly head in the sub genre birth canal, which is chick lit.

What Chick-lit is: The term appeared in print as early as 1988 as college slang for a course titled “female literary tradition. And get this, In 1995, Cris Mazza and Jeffrey DeShell used the term as an ironic title for their edited anthology Chick Lit: Post feminist Fiction.  Furthermore the genre was defined as a type of post-feminist or second-wave feminism that went beyond female-as-victim to include fiction that covered the breadth of female experiences, including love, courtship and gender.

I will be getting into the new ‘sexist’ labeling in a later blog. This is brief summary of that lame Chick-lit label is. If you’re woman that reads fantasy I wouldn’t be caught dead looking at books with that label attached to it. If Traditional Publishing actually gave a damn just call the sub genre ‘women’s prospective’ As you can see it’s catchy and it piques curiosity. Next you can say fiction stories told from the ‘womans’ point of view. In addition make it clear it has nothing to do with feminism period. Cut the democratic leftist liberal retarded stuff out.

I am going to keep this blog short. Keep your eyes open readers, my followers and my fans. Traditional Publishing is the real enemy.





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