Avoiding Racist Publishing


Almost everywhere I turn on the net, I keep bumping into more and more reads about how racist the lame Publishing Houses are! In my previous blogs ‘Publishing Houses are Racist too?’ And my other blog: ‘White Authors only.’ I had no idea how low publishing ass necks will go to maintain the Jim Crowe way in literature.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Guardian, 2013) says she had no other choice but to Self Publish her series about an African Descent Detective, it was the only option left on the table.

When I was reading her interview betwixt article I was shaking my head the whole entire time. More so the article is interesting also valuable information on the turd blossom Publishing Industry. It sheds light on the KKK aspect on U.S. publishing too, especially the rules they go by and attempt to enforce on Authors.

Kristine say (Guardian, 2013) a rule exists in traditional publishing, such as you cannot be ‘white’ writing about a black character. Specifically ‘white’ author writing first person point of view of a black character is completely out of line. In addition Kristine pitched her work to a publishing house that had a six figure offer for her on the table. When the read and found out she was a European Descent writing from a African Descent perspective the deal was off the table.

Kristine says the company told her (Guardian, 2013) ‘We thought you were a black man who participated in the civil rights movement. The racist publishing company attempted to do Kristine a favor to market her series towards African Descents. Yet another racist move done by the retarded Publishing House Kristine was working with at the time. Get this (Guardian, 2013) Publishing house put Kristine work in Chain Book Stores owned by African Descents. The irony (Guardian, 2013) the Chain stores didn’t even take the books because she’s European Descent.

Damn! Racism at both ends of the candle here, racist book store and racist publishing house. And now we see two racist businesses being brought together by money. This is pathetic on the African Descent owned store for even doing business with the publishing house like that. Also keep in mind how publishing houses has their hand in bookstores pockets and shelves to sell their lousy books.

Kristine (Guardian, 2013) the new world of publishing saved her from becoming a jaded writer getting drunk in a bar. I am (Guardian, 2013) so glad the Industry has changed and able to move on. Those are Kristine’s words.

However she’s very ‘wrong’ the Industry is divided and African Descent Authors are still getting over looked. As a matter of fact publishing Industry made the lame term ‘urban’ to separate African Descent writers work from European Descents work. From what I have seen this label ‘urban’ is covert too. Just because Kristine made it doesn’t mean it’s time to pop open the beer and say it’s Miller Time. To support my claim on how incorrect Kristine is. We’ll look Mr. Allen has to say about this.

The publishing industry (Gaurdian, 2015) has no sure way of selling books; they will ‘pigeon hole’ authors in categories. The strategies (Gaurdian, 2015) target African Descent work, in a country of contradiction and inequality in American culture, and now it bleeds into the literature world.

With this mindset in play (Gaurdian, 2015) often book reviewers will compare it to other works, as if African Descent Authors are writing plays or making a political stand in a book.

And on that note (Gaurdian, 2015) African Descent Authors ‘never’ get nominated for major awards, and very few even get one. National Book Award (Gaurdian, 2015)  is still our Countries highest award only 3 African Descent Authors won the prize in a span of 40 long years.

No offense to Kristine but Allen’s’ claim out shines her optimistic view on the industry today.


These publishing houses that stick with Jim Crowe literature rules need to be exposed so readers can boycott them. Furthermore upcoming Authors need to know about the racist publishing houses to stay clear of them when their submitting their work. However the fear of being black listed. That’s the first time I have ever heard of that. Perhaps is a lame way to keep Authors mouths shut about particular racist publishing houses. What I don’t understand how come Kristine and Allen have not blogged about these publishing houses? How can we put an end to their Klansman ways when Authors do not expose these useless people in suits? What I am doing about this, is blogging about it. In addition you can get involved in this too. You can start your own investigation, expose and make a list of these idiot Publishing Houses. If you’re not in a writing group share your information on you tube or team up with other bloggers that feel that racist Publishing should be gone. In addition you can also do what I do, which is not supporting traditional published authors. Once the published Author feels the heat I know for a fact publishing houses will have to change overnight.

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