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Definition of  a Paper Author: A pathetic writer that has been told by his friend that his or her book will sell because they like it. A writer that usually hangs out on Social writing groups that post stupid question, to get aid from others in writing. In addition the boy criticizes more than he writes.  Also  a lame  ass writer that loves to have the ego stroke more times than ‘it’ masturbates to his horse shit work.


New topic is ‘Paper Writer’ I gave you the definition of paper writer on the introduction.

However I want to go into detail why I despise these none creative pieces of Rhino shit writers. For one, these ego maniacs can’t write their asses out of a wet paper bag with a god’s aid. Furthermore they spend so much damn time on social media asking questions they really should be asking themselves, such as. ‘Oh I am having a hard time coming with a name for my character.’ And ‘ I am stomped for ideas I don’t know how I should write my story in first person or third person please help.’

            From being on social media I have been keeping tabs on the activity of these groups. And paying close attention to the behavior of these crack rock minded writers when I have the time. Discovery! Meaning I have found a strong correlation to why western literature is being destroyed. It’s not just publishing houses; it’s also published authors and whopping majority of writers pretending to be authors (paper authors)! Keep in mind in my genre I love (horror) but fiction authors you better beware a lot of these paper writers are messing things up for you too, in regards of your work being sold.

Here are the bare bones of paper author. From reading their post is pure evidence that they don’t have proper education on the craft of writing. In addition none of the ‘paper authors’ has had a mentor to kick them in the face and say,’ your work isn’t good enough to line a bird cage!’  I am going to share some example of these paper authors post and point out how inferior they are.

  • Hey Everyone I am stumped. I am not sure how I am going to start my book. Because I don’t know I should write it third person or first person? I would like to have it done before I go on vacation. Please give me advice?

Obviously from reading this the person doesn’t care about the art of writing at all. Name one Author in their sane mind would ask such a dumb-dumb question? Knowing what point of view to write should’ve been the first priority when the paper author started writing the ideas he or she stole. Yes stole, if you’re creative you would know what tense you’re going to write in from the start. More so this is a weekend writer. Weekend  writers write when they want for a few days and don’t do research either. When their lousy work is done then they want to put their bullshit on the market and fuck up literature some more.

  • I am thinking about adopting a new perspective of writing, and that is to make sure I at least give 15 less shits about the writing itself. Meaning stop trying too hard, Stop Worrying about everything, stop pressuring myself, stop shaming myself because who cares? It’s just a story. In the end, it’s a damn story and so many stories at there are crap anyway and even the massively successful ones.

What this Socialist minded pop tart shows his puny rice dick to the writing world that he doesn’t give a damn about what reading fans care about. And this paper writer doesn’t give a shit about the writing craft either. As a matter of fact, it’s in the black&white people, he lacks the testicular fortitude to push himself to write a solid story! Also this fucktard has given up, sounds like he had his manhood stepped on by big foot. Digressing from needed insult on the wha-bulance soul, this brings up another variable. Paper writers get their feelings hurt when racist publishing houses turn them down. They feel discouraged and then they turn around and follow the trend of writing garbage like the published Author. One thing that paper writer number two has not figured out about the ‘garbage’ books that succeed in the field is this. Those books succeed hails from many things. The author may have an agent, The author tailored his work to fit pigeon hole demands of the publishing company. And the paper author may have the money ( didn’t earn) to take advantage of the marketing resources available. I have a strong suspicion on’ ass hat’ paper writer, he might be a thief? Use social media to steal ideas that people foolishly give, I mean you never know?

  • Just reached fifteen thousand nine hundred and ten words for my novel. Feels like it has taken me forever, actually looking at the word count there was a sense I am on my way, slowly reaching the goal this year.

I saved this one for last. This by far  is the winner of the ‘big dummy’ award of the year. 15,910 words is not a fucking novel first of all. 15, 910 words is a goddamn research assignment. I am wondering what this idiots occupation is because buddy keep your day job and don’t be a writer. His goal of the year is to pay tuition at some writing college for authors or talk to a author who offers mentor ship. However how stupid commercial minded Americans are I highly doubt this will happen to this loser.

Conclusion/ Discussion

In conclusion, I am going to say this there’s no fucking hope for the paper author. Consequence dictates I don’t see nothing positive happening for the literary world as long as the paper authors continue to go unchecked. Remember the online ads for getting your book on the market through kindle or Smash words? They need to take those damn ads down and come up with some needed perquisite in order to get your work published. For one  get a good  editor!  I am talking about a skilled editor that has been editing for a solid ten years and has a degree and testimonials to back it up. Also stop asking questions when you should be asking yourself about your work. If you still continue to ask common sense questions about how your story should go, then you don’t need to be author at all. You need to be flipping burgers at Murder King ( Burger King.)


I believe the rise of paper authors comes from the pity parties hosted by social media platform groups. Authors complain, and whine like gossiping trailer park trash then they start to believe each others bullshit! Which transcends to a ‘rumor’ I heard. I heard that novellas will be the new thing coming to the literature world. When I heard this I point the finger at the paper authors and here’s why. When self publishing books on the market, minority of them are actually good. However there’s so many trash book written by trash writers, which make it hard for self published good books to get a spot light. The negative voice is louder than the positive voice in literature these days. With that being said this might be the yellow brick road for ‘horse shit!’ And low and behold this weak publishing industry is going to open it’s arms to the talent-less paper authors. This  is why I am so angry. I am one these authors that wants bring what the fuckery back to horror at the same time make us Authors in America a fucking behemoth to be reckoned with. Paper Authors are published Authors too; you can easily spot their overly done monsters and copied plots ten miles away. So this is not singling out paper authors trying to get self published either. This is  a definite attack on paper authors that believe they can write a master piece with no kind of training.




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