Present and Past Tense

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Bad writers decide when they’re done creating their character to choose a tense to write int. Kick ass writers know what tense write in before assembling the character on Microsoft word. -Imowen Lodestone.

After creating your main character or main character cast, you should have a  ‘very’ clear mindset on what tense to write in for your novel. From what I have researched betwixt experience with racist publishing companies is this. They prefer the author to write in past tense for these reasons. First it gives the reader a complete over view of the scene, characters actions to observing how the character interacts in the story. Furthermore the publishing houses along with their controlled editors, say the books are easier to edit and sale written in past tense. In addition, their ‘opinion’ is readers will get into the book when they can visualize the world in their heads when they read.

That’s so retarded, more so not even remotely believable coming from publishing houses. On the ugly hand in favor of the publishing houses they do sell these books to ‘their’ audience.

Present tense places you in the mind of the character, you experience new things with that character and you feel emotions with the character as well. Therefore the bridge is built between you and the author. Take one of my favorite authors in consideration, Howard Phillip Lovecraft if you will. All of his short stories are in present tense. You feel every sensation of dread, intrigue and macabre madness with the characters in his work. As result he’s immortalized as the ‘father’ of all horror according to fans and hardcore readers.

These other bloggers want you to believe a factitious fight is  between past and present tense in literature. In reality there isn’t one at all. It’s completely up to the author on what tense he or she is ‘strong’ in or the author wants to completely flip his or  her style to create a bigger draw to their work.

Personally I despise past tense work because it cheats the reader betwixt insults their intelligence. Also writing in present tense tests me all the time when write too, yes I love the challenge at the same time wow myself.

Benefits of writing in present tense

  • Always in Character: You write as if you’re the person. Building a connection to the reader is ‘vital’ it must be done in the first chapter.
  • Experiencing the world: Not only you take the reader into a world. They experience with the character, grow with character and learn with the character. This creates memories for the reader and your character as well
  • Challenging: First tense is not easy to do. It does have it’s obstacles. Example describing someone or something that causes your character to not even look at it.
  • Spoiling: You spoil the ‘hell’ out of the reader. In addition you give them a chance to use their imagination. In clear terms make it hard for the reader to put your book down. (make them late for work)

The only con to about writing in present tense majority of publishing houses will not pick you up. To be honest publishing houses mirrors the lame film industry they don’t care about what you love. They care about is making money. With that being said Self Publishing is not so bad.


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