Dx9 Gewalt Review

DX9 Gewalt more pics 017

The video review test shot do not give Dx9 Gewalt any justice at all. Specifically the sheer size of him is breath taking by itself. Gewalt is definitely worth price and he brings more ‘bang’ for the buck. I like to give a shout out to GCI Toys for shipping Gewalt to me so fast. Without anymore babbling let’s get on to the review.

The robust homage to Blitzwing is everything what this none scale stickler ‘like me’   absolutely love. Some of my fellow collectors call him MP size. Dx9 certainly has progressed in the right direction on engineering triple changers. Dx9 took the mistakes on Chigurh and turned them into strengths when they put together a ‘solid’ Gewalt. Furthermore I will mention the detail on Gewalt is superb making Gewalt stand out as a menacing figure.


The size of Gewalt, the weight and the QC is outstanding on Gewalt. More so the diecast in the figure is in the right areas. In addition ratchets and joints are very strong, so strong it took some force to transform into all three of his modes. Colors on Gewalt is G1 inspired so much he looks exactly like the bad ass poster he comes with. And on that note hats off to the engineers again for bringing artistry to engineering, great job Dx9.

Face Sculpt:

Look at the close up on the pictures of Gewalt. Now doesn’t the face looks like a real person giving you the look of disgust? I have no idea who the person is that designs the faces for DX9, but I believe this person is a Wizard. Because the face sculpt, in my opinion is the best one I have seen this year. I usually don’t go on and on about face sculpt. When I was taking photos I couldn’t take my eyes off the face.

Need to know:

This is a new topic for my reviews. Whenever there’s something like transformation people should know about, I am going to say something about it. Nothing bad just want to point out a few things the instruction are not detailed enough about.

Jet mode: You have to be careful when changing Gewalt to jet mode. If not you’ll break the shoulder ratchet. 1. I go into detail on the captions on the photos. In addition make sure you don’t get the wings sandwiched in the arms when you bring the back panel in to snap into place too. What I did for the second transformation to jet mode is this. 1. Took care of the arms first then brought the panel down to snap the wings into place.

( Look at the caption below)

DX9 Gewalt more pics 032
Start like this: Make sure the screws are facing you.
DX9 Gewalt more pics 033
Fold the arm like so: Keep in mind you will have to flip up the grey tab on the side to manipulate the shoulder. Also make sure the grey tab is facing the outside ‘closed.’
DX9 Gewalt more pics 035
The grey inner shoulder rotators are on hinges. The best thing for you do is to have this lined up ‘perfectly.’ Next on the black piece, gently lay it down while keeping the grey piece stationary. If you’re still ify look at this section carefully and observe where the hinges are before you do this.
DX9 Gewalt more pics 034
This is how it should look once you have the arm in place. Make sure everything is flush before proceeding to the next step. (Fyi: It takes some getting use to but you’ll do fine.)


DX9 Gewalt more pics 011
Obscene 90 degree bend lol.
Some more Gewalt 011
Obscene 90 degree bend here too. I was wrong. I kept playing with him over the weekend and bam!
DX9 Gewalt more pics 015
Stiff thigh swivel. Limited movement.


The waist is not a full three sixty because of transformation


The tank turret that turns into a gun doesn’t fit in his hand. Maybe it fits your copies hand that’s cool. But I am having a hard time on getting that baby put in his hand. I believe the thumb joint swivel is too thick, well I don’t know but feel free to post pictures, and let me know how to get his long gun in his hand.

DX9 Gewalt more pics 019

DX9 pistol: I have no idea how to use that weapon. I can’t store it in his hand and it’s too thick to put in the ports on the wings too. These are the only ‘bad’ things I found on Gewalt.


I give Gewalt a solid 10/10 He’s so much better than Chigurh also he’s fun to mess around with. Unfortunately I am still playing with him to get all the kinks out. I transformed him about four times. But I will be shooting action poses soon so stay tuned for that.

Do I recommend him?

I only recommend him to collectors that have been collecting third party for years. Because his transformation can be like ‘arrgggh’ but it will all come together once you get the hang of transforming him. On that note be mindful of the tabs that have to be folded in when you’re transforming him to.

Okay  people that’s all I have to say about Gewalt. If you want Gewalt please visit GCI toys at gcitoys.com



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