Perfect Effect: Black Aranea Review


New Black Areana 021




Big things ‘do’ come in small


            Call me absent minded, call me a big ogre I should’ve sang the praises of Black Aranea a long time ago. Black Aranea was the most anticipated figure to be released a few years ago. As irony will have it, Black Aranea was sold out less than 48 hours. When she came back in stock, I bought her immediately when I got off work. Get this people I bought the ‘very’ last one, I talked to one of favorite online retailer about another re stock. Dig this! Their response was, ‘I am sorry my friend Perfect Effect is not making this figure again.

Before I get into the review, I will say this Black Aranea is ‘excellent’ figure. Dare I say Perfect Effect blazed the path for creative liberty for third party transformers. To be crystal clear Black Aranea is combination of Black Arachnia of beast wars. But Perfect got creative by having Black Aranea transform into imposing motor bike! And the spider appendages are used in her bot mode, robot mode and the parts form into a spider. I know all of you are going to say, ‘Oh it’s parts forming.’ And you’re wrong! Black Aranea is not a parts forming figure. All of the parts are used in all modes and nothing is set aside. As I said before the limps and parts that make this creepy looking spider. And the arachnid parts can be stored on her body. That makes her look like a well armed suave killing machine.


New Black Areana 003



I researched why Black Aranea was a short lived ‘run’. What I found out the previous copies had QC issues. QC issues ranged from breaking  during transformation, weak plastic and she doesn’t stand very well. However on my copy of Black Aranea did have minor QC issues that I did fix of course. However some of the joints are still tough and strong on my Black Aranea. Despite her minor flaws I still love my favorite daughter in my collection.


Paint apps: Magnificent, wonderful, astounding and spell bounding! The overall black on the figure is haunting. The gold, silver and purple colors are strategically placed on her body. The colors really compliment the figures body. And the big money shot is the red tipped spider legs. As you can see on the photos it makes Black Aranea a strong character with rich character.


Odd betwixt clever, when I was transforming her and following the instruction at times I said to my self, ‘how in the hell this is going to work!’ It does work I just had to be patient, when I heard the sweet clicks I was like a lion locked in a slaughter house ( happy). The bike transformation is similar to Perfect Effects homage to Arcee. However things are a bit different for Black Aranea. Therefore follow the instruction. If you get lost find a reviewer you trust.

Recommend her?

I do recommend this figure those who desire a sexy chick bot assassin. Unfortunately Perfect Effect is not interested in making this figure again. It’s up to you and people reading this review to contact Perfect Effect and ask them to re-release Black Aranea. Personally I feel the figure should be released again. The main reason why I say that is this. Not enough publicity was for Black Aranea in addition some collectors wha-bulancing drowned out the voices that actually love Black Aranea. To end this on a good note get out there and start a petition for Black Aranea.

Overall Rating:

10/10 Here’s why Black Aranea will be six years old. And she still has sturdy joints and looks amazing. Also I still mess around with her lol.

Thanks for reading.




More BlackAranea 007
She held it like a champ.
New Black Areana 008

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