Don’t respect the scale sticklers



Once again I am back with a blog about collecting. This time it’s not a review, this more of what frustrates the hell out of me with collecting. The problem I have is the scale assnecks in collecting. To be specific the first thing that comes out of their mouths is this. ‘Oh, it has to be in scale with my Master Piece collection’. Or ‘this isn’t in scale with my collection I am not buying the figure.’

Before get off subject let me tell you about the experience I had on ‘fakebook’ when I made a valid point about Dx9 Gewalt. One jack-n-the box says Gewalt is too big and not in scale with his ‘fab off’ collection. I said, well buddy he’s is a triple changer and maybe Dx9 made him a tad bigger so all modes will be clean. Keep in mind Gewalt has his colors on but he was still getting worked  on for the test shot.

Back to what I was saying. The twat answers back ‘when is dx9 going to get the scale right?’ I replied this. Look these companies don’t give a ‘damn’ about your scale. They’re more focused on making a superior product. I am all about buying a dynamite, big, mean looking figure. Scale doesn’t matter to me unless its combiners.

When I said the key word not giving a damn. The collecting scale trolls came at me with their scale bibles, pitch forks and lame insults. I handled my own by stating truths, such as the big divide in collecting. Such as you have idw stickler, Don’t care about scale ( that’s me) and MP scale law abiding folk.

When Scale Matters

Scale should matter when it comes to combiners. Me personally I am flexible with that rule too.My menial rule is this, if my 9 inch figure head is thigh level or lower to the combiner then it fits my collection. I am realist and these are transformers., shapeshifers in various sizes. On that note some combiners should be taller than others or vice versa, depending on how iconic they are. My pet peeve is when some companies go by that inaccurate G1 cartoon-uggggh. Anything outside combiner is irrelevant!

More so some iconic figures such a Apollyon, Hexatron and Andras should be tall because they’re iconic. That’s just me.

The big divide

I am ‘very’ stoked about collecting is divided! I don’t have to hear that wha-bulance crap about scale. Unfortunately some scale junkie will say something here and there about it. I tend to flip them off or trip them up when they pass me by. Now you have companies doing their own thing like FansProject. In my opinion the divide in collecting helps third party companies when it comes to creative liberty. When you give third party companies some creative wiggle room then you see some astounding work. Good example is Generation Toy what they’re doing with Gravity Builder.


My Collection

My collection range from idw inspired, Master Piece however I have more modern upgraded figures in my collection though. I am looking idw inspired figures  more now example  MMC and Generation Toys’ homage to Jazz. On that note slowly falling out of love with takara because of their outrageous pricing on some figures.


I don’t like scale nuts, I DESPISE their kind and I don’t like talking to them either. Majority of them have nothing worth listening to. In addition a bunch are bullies ready to rain on your happiness on a figure you bought that doesn’t fit their scale. I am saying this to all those nice people who get bombarded by these hee-haws. You’re okay in my book and your collection is suppose to differ from others. My collection certainly does, it’s more lively these days. I can’t wait for Jaegertron to come out. Thanks for reading


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