Nature Versus Human Deviancy: Truth About Homosexuals

damn faggots

Nature versus human deviancy: Truth about Homos

            Before I get started I want to state for the record I am not a homophobic. I am a homo-despiser. I don’t like gay people, lesbians or transgender at all. Number one they are not my equal. Second their sexual deviancy against the nature is their crook life style, and I demand gays keep their loser life style to themselves. Third, Transgender will never know the ‘true’ meaning of the gender a surgeon made them. Also they have no idea what is to be a man or woman because they’re mentally damaged in the head. Then the idiots compare their collective selves to the struggle of African Descents hard ship of the four hundred years of oppression. The gall, the ignorance, and arrogance to belittle African Descents with an absurd claim is a slap in the face to every African Descent in America. I am going to expose the dark secret on human deviancy against nature betwixt shed light on the LGBT pedophile monsters.

Children primary targets

            Back in 2014 a boy by the name of Jesse was brutally raped by two queers. The predators (, 2014) David Don Carpenter and his side kick Joshua MacCave Brown. David (, 2014) planned this attack, deceiving Tina Yates (Jesse’s mother) by gaining her trust, to allow David and John to take her son out of town. Idiot Yates (, 2014) pro gay attitude led to her son to be sexually assaulted to death. If you want to go into gruesome details of this vile assault here’s the link

It was two acts of evil that led to Jesse’s unnecessary death by the hands of two fags. Tina Yates being brain washed by the left and media that says gays are okay. Her foolishness got her sun raped to death. If you’re a single parent or parents that have kids you should not have your children around gay people at all. If Jesse’s death doesn’t make you think perhaps this next piece I have will. To be specific your kids at a federally funded school will be targets of the fag lefts agenda. To be clear you’re kids will indoctrinated and confused on their gender.

A video (, 2015) (The video was taking down. I believe the she knows website too?)Titled ‘Empathy’ produced by lunatic Feminist and hash tagged it ‘Hatch Kids’. To go into detail about this, I’ll break this down for you piece by piece. First (, 2015) ‘She Knows’, whom are Marxist minded adults with an agenda to exploit kids. In addition children are targets of choice for the left to bring their disgusting revolution to corrupt society. Key point (, 2015) kids are very impressionable and kids will be brain washed to by these adults to make the correct political choices that benefits the half brained left.

Imbecile Radical Feminist teamed with LGBTQ (QueerFeminsit) (, 2015) seized the opportunity on Bruce Jenner transgender to Caitlyn. The lefts (, 2015) mission is to indoctrinate the children and the masses to nurture the nature of being a nature deviant. Also dog fag left want to broaden the facade of being  a fag is glorious too.

I don’t know what you’re thinking I can only guess you’re thinking, ‘Imowen what the hell! How are they getting away with this?’

The answer is very simple it’s an agenda to make this country fall. But I won’t get off subject with that. Question you should really ask is why heterosexual allying with faggots in the first place? Look no further than the jackals posing as lions the so called progressives. Progressives, has the inferior superiority complex adjoined with self righteous characteristics, to spread gender confusion whole sale on every media outlet. Those who accept are socially accepted and considered cool and open minded. Now if you’re me and don’t accept this then you lack empathy, racist and categorized as a phobic person. As we all know you’ll be called homophobic or Trans-phobic, or some other lame label the knuckle dragging apes can come up with. I have had my encounters with the blinded calling me homophobic but I showed them a new definition of Homo-despiser.

Unfortunately ‘us’ sane folk are in a war with liberal government funded ‘change b.s.’ Nurture feeling instead of embracing hard truth. These idiots are smart and doing propaganda by the hour, than people defending the very law of nature created by YWHY himself.

Pedophiles leading the LGBT

Two years ago (Barber, 2014) Terrance Martin Bean a ‘Human Rights Campaign’ (HRC) leader was arrested for raping 15 year old kid in 2013. According to the report (Barber, 2014) his indictment is two counts of third degree sodomy. Also Terrance the ‘tea bagger’ (Barber, 2014) earned a third degree of sex abuse, which is a felony!

See for yourself.


On this website you’ll see good ole Terrance in the spot light with no other than Barry Obama. Obama is fonder of faggots than he is fond making America better. Unfortunately the pictures that show Terrance with Barry Obama and his ‘beardless’ wife ‘Mike Obama is not made to the public. Or should I say taken off by the weaklings in power that don’t want ‘us’ to see the real monsters behind the smiling faces.

The hard truth

This pattern is identical the Greek old bath house for fag men that want to play in little boy ass hole all day. Mr. Barber and I concur (Barber, 2014) not every queer man is a pedophile. However (Barber, 2014) studies strongly show pedophilia is linked to homosexual tendency, that links to sexual assault towards young boys is staggering! Also (Barber, 2014) a gay man molesting a boy ‘is’ attraction to the same sex; therefore homosexual behavior is robust and acted upon.

What that means people pedophiles are homosexuals! For example out of the 8 people I knew who are fags, five of them told me they were molested by the same sex. And all the molesters are family members. Now think about the previous paragraph and think about how many gay people you know have told you they were molested? The most recent encounter I had with a bi sexual freak, she found me of all people trusting when I flat out told her that I don’t like her because she’s bi sexual. But the idiot told me anyway.’ It’ was dating a long time friend of mine and every time her fag aunt would show up at her house the bitch would force herself on her! Talk about incest. The person found me trustworthy or it could’ve been a cry for help. But no I am not the one for helping a sick minded coward. Common sense will tell you when someone of the same sex forces themselves on you. The fight response will be in over drive. Now this person I am talking about has a sick deviant mind. Meaning the victim I am talking about told me she liked it.

From sharing that nasty experience here’s another knockout blow for you.

Records of deviant (Barber, 2014) sexual behavior says 86% of offenders against males see themselves as bi sexual or homosexual. Another source (Barber, 2014) Family Research Council says ‘Bisexual men’ are ten times likely to molest a children than a heterosexual men.

These offenders are convicts. Some have served their time and put back into society. What should piss all of you off these men might be gay or bi sexual walking, living and working beside you. Now you see what the left is doing to the environment? They’re literally destroying the morality of this country for the sake of the faggots betwixt push a silly agenda to destroy America for political gain.

            Lesbians are Rapist too.

            March 12, 2012 (Boa, 2015) a young college girl Alina was raped by her so called female friend on a college campus. Alina reported the rape but the cop assumed it was man till they saw the footage is was a dyke that did it.

Political B.S.

            In the 1980s (Boa, 2015) it was ‘made’ to believe that men are the kings of abuse of all kinds against women. What that being said, casts a drag net of sex violence against women on College Campuses to intimate relationships. But now that data is being challenged betwixt the fags are queer kings and dyke queens of sex assault today.

Now the California Coalition against Sex Assault (Boa, 2015) that one in three lesbian has participated in sexual assaults against women. Furthermore (Boa, 2015) one in four has experienced sex assault while in a relationship with another woman. It gets better (Boa, 2015) CDC says lesbians and gay men experience sex assault equal or higher than of partner relationships than straight people.

Wow so now the queers rape each other is a typical thing in their relationships. If you don’t believe the truth I have shared. Here’s some more.

32 year old Sarah (Boa, 2015) was involved in long distance relationship with her partner from NC. When Sarah’s (Boa, 2015)  partner moved in she found out she was bipolar and a sexual deviant with an endless hunger for sex. Sarah (Boa, 2015) says she could not give her partner the sex she wanted all the time. Unfortunately Sarah’s lover brought a strap and begged Sarah can she use it on her. As fate would have it Sarah gave in and she cried the entire time when the sexual deviant didn’t care about Sarah. Also Sarah’s relationship was toxic they constantly argued about money also emotional highs and lows.

I do not feel any sympathy for Sarah at all. And here are the reasons in bullet points

  • Sarah was molested by an uncle that never went reported
  • Partner raped her for six months.

These two key things say something about Sarah and her parents. Did they have any idea her uncle did this to her or was this some lame family secret? If Sarah Parents knew the Uncle was a molester why in the hell did they leave Sarah in his care? Her being a so called independent woman why didn’t she report she had been raped by her lover? Here’s the answer (Boa, 2015) If the same sex partner reports that they’ve been raped by their deviant lover, fear of being shunned by the LGBT community.

With that being said, I call this ‘fitting’ you are the company that you keep and now the gays are taking the negatives ‘forcefully’ and they’re not doing a good job with that either. Being sexually assaulted is wrong! But keeping this to yourself, you just let that person go rape someone else. This is what baffles the hell out of me. The LGBT monsters are bitching about NC’s gender bathroom law.News flash, what I am talking about the Governor doesn’t want this to be the norm in his state or anywhere else lol. As a matter of fact look at what I just exposed to you. And North Carolina has over thousands of registered sex offenders that will rape.  I don’t see why people in this country can be soo sheep minded and not investigate why States do not want LGBT getting their way. This Blog is saying what the Governor of NC is not saying to the public. But I really believe that he should tell the hard truth like I am doing now.

If this doesn’t convince you the reader to take stand against LGBT here’s some more information for you.

Over the last ten years (Boa, 2015) Haven has not complied with women raping women on College campuses till Maria’s article went live. Now what haven is, it’s a rape hot line that serves 800 colleges nationwide and these down shift necks has been keeping the real truth a secret till the same sex assault started getting attention. Before I give the findings to you, you best believe Haven is not to be trusted either. Like I said before they kept this secret for ten years. Ten years   poor college girls may have been drugged and raped by a filthy lesbian and her voice went on heard.

The percentage of (Boa, 2015) women raping women is 2.5%. However (Boa, 2015) likelihood of victims reporting the incident is 30% and women being assaulted by another woman or man is 25 percent. In this 25 percent total means you have some lame universities have fag women raping more than guys. I don’t find that surprising at all. Now thirty percent is touch and go, the rape gets reported yes but does the victim follow through with reporting it? That is left unanswered. Haven only shares a tea spoon of this information since College campuses are breeding ground for liberal Marxist horse shit!  You’re not going to get the full report till you kick their doors in and grab the data yourself.

Conclusion/ Discussion

             Conclusion I have shown you the darkness of the LGBT and took you down the dirt road on what goes on in a fags house behind closed doors. Also I have shown you gays cannot be trusted with children. More so you should not ally with the big dummy gay alliance. You party with them and let ole sugar pants slip you a roofie and you’ll be the next survivor sitting in some left wing psychiatrist office.

            This is not a ‘fear’ mongering blog this is a ‘wake the hell up’ blog. These freaks are attacking sane minded heterosexual on many fronts smiling in your face pretending to be harmless. And their LGBT rainbow machine is working tirelessly to take away your privacy and force their filthy life style on everyone else. And your children they want to convert to their side. You read my article and you should be pissed off. You have the links I provided to get you started on stopping the LGBT. Are you going to be defiant towards these deviant Freudian minded bastards or be silent like a victim? The choice is yours!


Defense betwixt Solution

Educate yourself and your kids on ‘what’ they don’t want you know about the LGBT agenda. Next separate yourself from friends and family members who support the left agenda of stupid social acceptance of the gay agenda that’s targeting your kids and you! Next use you tube. Let voice be heard. And team up with others who despise LGBT as much as you do. In addition boycott stores and libraries that sell or carry LGBT literature. For those who are savvy support your Governor or Congressman about this and form lobby groups. To do that make sure everything is ‘hard’ truth to expose the nature deviants and their agents to the public.



Works Cited

Barber, M. (2014). Homosexual HRC founder arrested for raping a 15 year old boy.

Boa. (2015). When your rapist is a Woman. (2014). Deviant Rape and Murder of Jesse Dirkhising. (n.d.). HatchKids Video Shows Young Children Being Manipulated towards Bruce Jenners Gender Confusion. Americans for truth about homosexuality, 2015.


5 thoughts on “Nature Versus Human Deviancy: Truth About Homosexuals

  1. I agree and another reason I don’t support this lifestyle also have you read their manifesto its not about equality its about spreading the perversion also I have a cousin that is being duped into believing their lies and wish to save her. Also if given a choice I’d rather visit a christian Mennonite community and fall in love with a girl that looks like a college age version of Blossom from ppg


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