Bad Cube_Sun Surge

BadCube_Sun_Surge 007

My deepest apology I should’ve done this review ‘sooner’. Unfortunately Sun Surge was released when a bunch of cool figures were coming out left and right. Now I have the time, without any lip service here’s the review.

Bad Cube dazzles me once again with sun surge. Bad Cubes previous work war dog is amazing. But Sun Surge is just screams ‘excitement!’ Right of the box he’s one premium figure to have in your collection. I kept all the chrome stuff on his body and stashed the rest of the accessories in the box. Yup I kept that loser chip in the box. In opinion he’s a waste of plastic and has nothing to with figure nor the transformation.


This figure is spectacular! He looks exactly like the streak from the old G1 cartoon. Bad Cube has taken some creative liberties by adding an additional smiling face plate, for you to use if you want. He looks so good in both bot mode and vehicle mode. Some of my friends thought he was a toy model I bought from the hobby store. Boy were they wrong when I transformed him.

QC: Engineering is astounding on Sun Surge. Absolutely no flaw in the Quality Control at all! O yeah I am not lying people. He is one kick ass action figure betwixt transformer. Look at my pictures, specifically the dramatic poses I have him holding. Furthermore sun surge is the category of third party figures you can transform and not worry about breaking. Bad Cube has done well in the engineering department.

Bad: Nothing at all.

Color app: He’s yellow with some black trim and blue windows. If you don’t like it go buy a hasbro primary color monster like the combiner war set lol. Kidding aside very simple and detail paint apps on his body.


Over all I love sun surge he brings out the kid in me every time I play with him. He doesn’t have any faults on him after my inspection and play time. If you want a fun figure to pose and play with, this is the figure for you. However to you hobit shelf collectors, sun surge is not designed to be made to be transformed and put on your shelf. I give sun surge the rating 10/10 perfect all around. Subscribe and hit like…Thanks for reading.

BadCube_Sun_Surge 015Sun Surge new pics (6)Sun Surge new pics (10)Sun Surge new pics (13)BadCube_Sun_Surge 002


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