Race Matters to Book Covers: I don’t Read for Pleasure Anymore


A few months back I wrote a blog about why I don’t read for pleasure anymore. One of the main reasons is I am so fucking tired of seeing ‘all white’ covers on books. Like I said in the previous blog, America says integration and practice segregation.

When it comes to book covers it seems the publishing companies are all for white washing book covers, if the character is not white. Oh I know in my field race and ethnicity is not supposed to be an issue in literature. Unfortunately the publishing companies think otherwise. And their sale out authors does nothing to stop it.

What is white washing?

When a character on the cover is air brushed to look Caucasian to appease fans who might be bigots in order to make a buck.

However (Shutte, 2012) this has been going for centuries and it seems there are no signs of it letting up. However Suzanne and many others have fought the good fight to make loser publishing companies keep the characters ethnicity. Below are some examples I have found absolute appalling betwixt show how low life publishing companies are.

Kelley Armstrong’s (The gathering, The calling, The rising)



Doesn’t look Native American at all. Such American Racist horse shit

The character is Native American. But she looks like a typical white chick on the book cover. Maya (Shutte, 2012) was manufactured in a lab to resurrect back an old Native American tribe that can morph into Mountain Lions. The plot is almost corny like that. But hey Kelley’s work has become lack luster over the years. Now Maya being Native American, in my opinion this is a smack in the face to Native Americans. When I look at the book cover it just makes me wanna throw up. I was expecting an exotic looking Native American with some hard gray eyes. I am glad I stopped buying her work.

Daughter of Centaurs by Kate Kilmo


I was expecting Grace Jones. Instead I get Miley Sirus with some big thick lips

Moria (Shutte, 2012) is described as a ‘shaven’ dark skin woman roaming with Centaurs. Also she’s the last living human, she thinks she is.

Sphinx Princess and Sphinx Queen by Esther Friesner

This is what Nefertiti looked like..I don’t see any resemblance of Caucasian features to this 100/100 bust of this great woman. Picture below is proof how the history ‘thieves’ are still doing what they do best. Also proof ole Esther got pissed because Egypt was ran by Africans lol.


Esther and Publishing Company needs to bitch slapped and hung dead. Nefertiti did not look Caucasian! She was African. This nothing more than whore going to a lame Halloween party.

On the cover is some cocaine and lettuce diet loser on the cover. In reality Nefertiti is African! Hell there’s so many pictures, wait there’s bust of her that displays her African features. And I can’t believe the author and publishing company were not lynched because of this. In addition Nefertiti has an elongated skull which means she was not completely human therefore she looks nothing like this piece of crap art work on the cover.

Ambiguous Ethnicity

            Instead (Shutte, 2012)  of white washing the lame artist uses shadows to hide the characters race. From my prospective the artist has gotten lazy or he or she spent money on drugs instead of an air brush. Hey the artist had to do something to keep his inspiration up right lol.

Chronicles of the Red King and A Diamond in the Desert



Even hitting zoom in you can’s see the Japanese boys doing there thing..Publishing Company here needs to be tea bagged viciously

The baseball (Shutte, 2012) players are all Japanese in an internment camp in WWII. What gets me; the shadows on the characters are so thick I can’t make out if they are Japanese.

I use to read fantasy, horror and fiction when I was naive kid to escape reality what people fuck up on a day to day basis. You would think all the genres would grow and have a pulse on the fans and add more African Descents and Native Americans into the mix. However in the overly used vampires, Knights and were wolves. You would think some of the characters would be someone of a different race?

Recently I had a marketing deal turn sour when koko told me about copy line editing and Seasons needs to undergo into the editing phase. I told her the book doesn’t need to be edited because it was edited by a serious pro. But when I talked to my editor slash partner, my partner broke it down to me on what koko was saying.

  • The cover is to provocative because of Jesse’s boobs
  • Koko desired the first person to be changed to dumb ass third person
  • All characters would be changed and Adalious white washed
  • All of the above: Partner states koko is a loser and full of shit.

As a matter of fact koko didn’t like Jesse but she was not upfront on why. When I got her to spill her guts she said what my partner said. Ya know I get flack for Jesse’s body type and this lame taboo country thinks big boobed woman on a cover means sex or something silly like typical American pond scum will think up. Next is the good ole American judging a book by its cover B.S. After that people ask me about why Jesse has to have big boobs?  What I tell people is this. You enjoy watching some woman flash her tits in a movie, watching the curvy girl get raped, you movie brained people will sit and watch that B.S. When I put one on the cover fully clothed immediately you think sex adjoins to your cowardice to even look at the back of the book to see what it’s all about. So majority of the flack comes from flat board chested broads that have problem with the cover.  Reality ‘flash’ big breasted women are all over the place. So what the fuck is wrong with curvy woman being in the spot light instead of the tiny titty city bitch that’s on the cocaine diet plan on the cover.

Koko like the majority of marketing ass hats will attempt to tailor someone’s work to fit in the mainstream. Risking destroying your fan base to get the trendy fans I don’t want. More so I didn’t want to have Adalious white washed. Meaning his Africanianism erased for the sake for the money. They way I see it I am artist two fold. I design my own covers and write Seasons of Pain. Therefore Seasons of Pain is my prodigy child. And I am an Author of integrity and will not be bought and changed.

So this blog is not just about Publishing Companies white washing things. Also this is a blog of owning up to ones creations. Also this is the problem and why I don’t care for authors that are published because they let the publishing companies get away with changing the ethnicity or hiding the race of characters on book covers. To be clear this is why I will never buy another book written by a fiction author no matter what the genre is.

If people get mad about what I am saying I don’t give a shit. I stand by my work and will not change it to be equal to an author with no testicular fortitude to protect their work from racist as publishing companies.







Works Cited

Shutte. (2012). It Matters if Your Black or White: The Racism on YA Book Covers.


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