Publishing Houses Racist too?




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Writing doesn’t discriminate at all. The reader doesn’t care what color the protagonist is. A friend of mine says to me in a book store while I am looking at the books shaking my head.

As she goes on and on about I need to get back reading for pleasure again I ask her this.

            ‘Well if writers are so open minded how come I see a whole sea of white on every goddamn book cover, turning my nose at all the books in the horror section.

            My friend vexed facial expression.

            “Why is it always about race with you Lodestone, folding her arms.

            Wrong why it is all about race on these lily white books covers? And this is one of the top three reasons why I don’t read for pleasure anymore.

I am pretty sure some of you have heard that publishing companies and writers don’t discriminate when it comes to literature right? In addition I am sure you’ve heard race doesn’t matter in fiction right? Race does matter and once again the derp-derp American racist society in the form of some publishing houses are on this band wagon indeed. Sad but it is true fellow reader and it pisses me off. Maybe you haven’t notice it and you’re thinking to yourself,’ Imowen what are you doing?’ without any delay let’s jump into it.

I am going to pick up where I left with my previous blog. To be specific I want to start with what Mr. Allen said about the Publishing companies ‘Ghettoizes’ literature with ‘urban’ labels. According to (Gaurdian, 2015) Mr. Allen the society still view African Descents work as insignificant to white writers. On that note (Gaurdian, 2015) too many African Descents great works don’t get published.

With that being said this is a big smoking gun for me to investigate what Mr. Allen boldly states. Like I always say the,’turd doesn’t fall too far from the horses ass’. Face it in this lame ass Country with kra-kra business practices along with its shit patty marketing practices for books. I believe I will start with the Publishing Companies.

For starters let us begin with Desiree Kannel, Ms Kannel was agent shopping (wtf?) She wanted to find an African Descent to represent here. She was in shitty Los Angles of all places looking for a needle in a hay stack if you ask me. Sadly (McGee, 2015) There weren’t a whole lot to choose from, white agents and editors shy away from ‘ multicultural’ text. The reason why (McGee, 2015) the agents are too coward or  not smart enough to take on something out of their comfort zone.

However Kannel is being nice here. I am just going to say the editor and agents in L.A. might be bigots themselves. If you look at the truth of bitch ass California especially in the L.A. area, race driven bullshit runs like Niagara Falls over there. From reading between lines I hypothesize the book industry on the liberal infested bitch ass West Coast is matching the racist entertainment industry. Betwixt view on African Descents should be sub standard citizen in this pussy American Country. To be clear maybe the editor was expecting Ms. Kannel to look like a hood rat with a rented gold tooth in her mouth, yearning to put her book out called ‘N****Please’. Now if Ms. Kannel did that. I believe she would’ve been on the best selling list in L.A. in record speed time. Jokes aside we all know that Ms. Kannel is African Descent and she approached them in a business manor and that took the indoctrinated minded diaper stain editors and agents by surprise. So they followed the prime Jim crowe directive update to ‘bow out’ like the Va-jay-jays they are. However the story takes a dire turn for the worst according to Ms Magazine article.

Now (McGee, 2015) African Descents are forced to opt into Self Publishing or small literary presses these days. Unfortunately (McGee, 2015) they have to sell their work out of the trunk of their cars.

Now aint this the American Dream? To sit on a corner like a little bitch in front of a coffee shop and ‘hustle’ a book you wrote.Or sell your book on a street corner like a pimp. Blame the publishing industry bottom base standard to uphold white authors’ work, by making the African Descent play the hokey pokey to sell their books?

It gets worse (McGee, 2015) without the force of what the publishing houses offer none of the African Descents work will get the exposure it needs. Furthermore (McGee, 2015) There’s not ‘enough’ equal representation and diversity in the publishing community. And African Descent is at  a severe disadvantage! Also this disease spreads to (McGee, 2015) Oscar white’s film showed how racism is systematical routed in journalism. In addition (McGee, 2015) Mr. Vargass hash tagged on twitter that Journalism is so white.

So now you and I are seeing how stupid California is and the vast majority of the brain washed benefiting from lame white privilege. At the cost of making this country look, well dumb as fuck, let me give you all an example on what I mean.

What makes America looks silly is this. They say this fucked up country in integrated but its segregated! Therefore this facade of writing equality publishing company is saying they’re diverse is a lie. If I am lying people look at the date on the article, its  a year old!!! Do you really think dumb ass publishing companies is going to drop its stupidity in one year?

In 2015 (McGee, 2015) Amanda Stenberg to Beyonce were featured on a magazine, showing ‘Black Women’ are marketable.

Now don’t go doing the electric slide just yet. This is bullshit okay so a politically labeled mascot (Beyonce) is marketable because of their beauty. Let’s get for real people African Descent women is being used for white boy jack off read. Here’s where I am coming from. For those who have read ‘what they don’t tell you’ in Amerikkkan history. The best way to break the African Descent male and destroy his family is give the woman the ‘nod’ and let the male suffer. Now with this bullshit move, now the typical reaction of the African Descent male will be outrage! What I am saying is. This nothing but  a bigot move by the liberal minded ass hats in the publishing industry that follows-the racist system in America (covertly). I call these fooled women traitors and  they should not be upheld in any standard what so ever. However you see how this systematic Jim Crowe stuff works?

Discussion and Solution

I am going to be honest here. My rage does come off as a bigot. But am I bigot for calling out the covert moves of folk participating in racism in the writing industry? Does it make me a bigot for getting nasty on the system that disrespects the African Descent any chance it gets? When I hear young African Descent Males wanting to become writers, first thing I tell them is to save their money. Get a mentor and get into a writing school that has part time teachers and full time writers teaching the course(s). And most important I tell them to learn the business of it and stay away from the trolling market folks that troll for clients on facebook. When these young minds go out into this fucked up country and get crushed, discouraged and quit. I don’t blame them I blame the publishing industry. Now one thing I have been keeping my eyes on is Amazon. Amazon doesn’t give a damn what color you are. And the vast majority of Self Publishing Companies want to help African Descents put their work out too. Unfortunately you have snakes in the grass assnecks, but hey America was literally put together by assneck standards in the first place lol.

Kidding aside, it’s the publishing companies that have set all of this bullshit in motion in the early 90s. Forcing writers to get a lame agent, this put a lot of people besides African Descents at a disadvantage. Because Agents are not really on your side people, Agents have their interest at heart, first publishing company, second their pay and you third. On top of that you have to meet their lunatic submission guide lines. Let me tell ya the guidelines majority publishing houses have is retarded. For example they say they want horror right? Then they say in the next few paragraphs on what they don’t want when you submit. A good example no gore, no sex only want suspense horror and all that anti climatic bullshit. On Self Publishing Companies, write anything you want just don’t write a pornographic script lol.


The solution to this problem is go self publishing route make your money and get a good editor.  And keep in mind the self budget conscious online marketing is affordable or free. It will take some time to find online marketing that’s good for you. I suggest start doing that while writing your book. In closing don’t let no fucktard come between you and your dream. If you feel you have to take your work into another country. By all means do it and don’t look back…This is your life and you do what you want.

FYI: Next blog coming: Why I don’t read for pleasure

Works Cited

Gaurdian. (2015). Black Characters Are Still Revolutionary. The Gaurdian, 1.

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