Master Piece_Road Rage


MP_RoadRage 003

I prefer Road Rage over tracks any day of the week. Because of two things a bad ass chick bot and the name ‘Road Rage does it for me. Let’s do some review’n!

Right out the box Road Rage is her slick red corvette mode. Road Rages transformation is quite easy do, just like majority of all MPs. However I did spot some engineer laziness when I transformed sexy red into her bot mode.


Right off the bat I want to get this out of the way. The chasse piece you have to life and pull the head out? Guess what there’s nothing locking the neck into place. In addition when I moved her arms I had to tab the chest in many times.


MP_RoadRage 002
What really killed this figure was the laziness here.


QC is top notch as always with takara. The paint application or pristine and very captivating let me get this off my chest. If you leave Road Rage in car mode no one will ‘ever’ believe the figure is a transformer.

Head sculpt is fucking breath taking. Look at the face of the figure, hats off to takara for staying with feminine face features for RR.  In addition I love RR blue eyes too, along with her stoic face.

Fun Factor:

Despite the one engineering flaw Road Rage has. She makes it up with posing. She poses like an action figure as you can see on my pictures. Furthermore she’s photogenic as hell too.


I am cutting this review short to jump right in to the discussion and rating. First discussion people, I know MPs are fun, we trust the quality and we expect the best for the sake of our cash.

However due to pricing on ‘some’ Master Pieces I don’t feel some of them should be priced the same as others. A good example is Road Rage. I don’t feel no one should be paying over fifty bucks for her because of takara wanting to be lazy on the things I mentioned previously in this review. I will be honest given the time to mess around with the figure I kinda going to let it slide a tad. But as a collector this is something I don’t ever want to see again. I am pretty sure a lot of you despise the ‘unfair’ pricing of seekers made by Hasbro and takara. I for one will not pay them two hundred dollars for one damn figure. That makes no damn since what so ever. I can easily buy two third party figures for that price and have two to three dollars in my wallet. On this note I am happy that MakeToy and Toy World are doing the seekers. I don’t know what the prices are yet. But word on the street is, they’re not going to priced two hundred bucks a figure.

Overall Rating:

Overall Rating I am giving Road Rage is solid 6. The head not securely locked and the chasse tabbing out smacks me in the face every time I mess with Road Rage-frustrates me. However her pose ability and QC on the rest of her body slightly gives her one point to put her at descent 6.



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