Unique Toys_Provider

UTs_Provider 009


Today I am finally reviewing Unique Toys Provider. I took pictures of this figure months ago. Unfortunately I never got around on writing his review till now. So let’s get into the review shall we.

Right out of the box provider is already packaged in fuel tanker mode. Before I go any further I will break this review down into section because provider is a triple changer. Now back to what I was saying.

Fuel Tanker:

I kind of dig the fuel tanker mode. The rubber tires are a nice touch. However I see UT like Dx9 is really improving their craft on triple changing figures. The chrome on this guy is awesome. It looks good and the chrome is built to last. Well back in the past I didn’t care about chrome on figures because chrome will chip away or fade over time. Oh no UT has definitely figured away to make chrome that last.

Underneath the tanker you can see the jet parts underneath it. Over the entire fuel tanker mode is nice.

Jet Mode:

In my opinion is way better than fuel tanker mode. When I transformed him into the 747, he looks like a freaking plane. To be clear no one will ever know he’s a transformer if you leave him in jet mode on your table. Well I did that one day and people kept saying it was model air plane.

Bot mode:

He looks like sunken, high cheek boned transformer. First thing I notice is his face sculpt, very sharp and has lots of character. His back pack is manageable and his super duper wings make him looks like a ‘Super Seeker’ lol. He can hold minor poses, some dramatic poses and stand on one leg. To my surprise he’s arms are long enough, so his other hand can hold the barrel of his gun easily.


One tiny flaw with provider is this. I wish there was a way to collapse some of the wing inside the wing. The wings take up space and it had to some maneuvering to get him stand next to chigurh on the shelf.

Good: Provider is sturdy he has ratchets in the needed places on his body. And the transformation is on the ‘wow’ scale in my opinion. And I really like provider! His paint app is sharp and he is not over burden with stupid colors. And provider is fun to play with. I feel comfortable transforming a lot than chigurh. On that note he’s more solid than chigurh is.

Overall: I do recommend him if you’re a big triple changer fan like me. I got him because he’s a huge improvement in UT’s perfection towards triple changers. However I do have my eye on Dx9 Gewalt though. From what I have seen on Chosen Primes test shot review, his modes are ‘pristine’ clean! Well anyway my rating for UT’s provider is 8/10. Thanks for reading.


Plane mode


Bot Mode


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