Unique Toys_Hagen

Hagen 021


The fifth and final member in my review is Hagen. Hagen is one cool looking Wyvern unfortunately he has issues like his brother Alberich when it comes to QC. Not to be Wha-bulancer, but the QC things with him is minor.

Bad: The QC is menial, specifically in bot mode. Underneath the snout of the Wyvern I believe the plug in a tad millimeter to big. To be clear every time I moved his waist the thing will tab out. However some nail polish will fix that. The other issue is the ball joint for the head. I did not notice this till now. I believe the ball joint may be chipped? Or I might have to scrape stray plastic out of the socket to get a cool 360 turn.  Just like Alberichs monster mode Hagen is too top heavy for his little feet to support all that marvelous Wyvern.

Good: His QC is better than Fenrir and Alberich in regards to heft. In addition the stiff soft ratchets and ratchets are better than Alberichs too. He can stand one land and get some descent ‘action poses’ out of him as well. Face sculpt is on the money and the red paint for the eyes give him the ‘pop’ effect of pure terrorizing motherfucker.

Hagen 011
Perfect bend all around


Hagen 022
A tad too large





Paint App:

Not a whole lot of paint just standard yellow, green and purple. I am happy with the ‘tone down’ paint app for the set.

Overall/ Discussion:

This review is not a long one because the set is uniformed. To be clear Troll and Fenrir are built to be the legs. Hagen and Alberich are tailored to be the arms. To lay out for you third party style people, UT kept it simple and fun for us to play with. Although the set in comparison to my other combiner team Oridin rank is number four when it comes to QC. In my opinion this is the reason why Oridin gets (figures together as a team) the four is the human errors on minor qc issues on the set. As far as combine mode I give Oridin himself a solid 10/10. He fell off a bench when I was shooting. I didn’t have any issues taking him apart. Most important taking Oridin apart now it’s less muscle I have to use because the plastic is worked in. Oridin as combiner ranking among my combiners I give him the solid number three behind Feral Rex. Unique Toy owned up to mistakes on the first runs on Oridin. I am just happy I waited and got a copy that didn’t have the QC issues in combine mode.

As far as Hagen I give Hagen a 6.5 on the scale of one to ten. UT human error on my copy of Hagen that should’ve been caught before it was shipped. No worries, I am not mad just pointing this out.


Reasons why I do not dwell on little stuff like majority of collectors do. I am going to level with all of you here. When you buy third party figures you’re gonna get some figures that have QC issues to fix it yourself challenges too. Human error happens all the time, so when you get your figure and it’s a simple fix then fix it. If it’s a serious issues send it back get a new one. We all should know, especially right now. Some companies are having a race to get their stuff out on the market first. And some third party companies want to take their time and deliver a dazzling figure with top notch quality. My point is this, it’s up to us as collectors to sit down and have the ‘chill and transform’ time with our figures. What that means, taking the day or days playing without figures and not immediately putting them on the shelf, like the shelf collectors do.

  • Look for my next blog ( whenever I write it) What type of a collector are you? Shelf Collector,
  • Mess around and shelf guy
  • Happy go lucky play till I can’t feel my hands collector.




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