Unique Toys_Alberich

UT_Fenrir and Albreich 044


Now it’s time for Alberichs review. Alberich does have the silent mad man look to him in bot mode. Also that exquisite head sculpt of the shark head is killa. And I dig the duel guns on the shark fin too.

Alberich is the fourth terrocons I am reviewing from the UT Oridin set. I like the figure but I am not so fond of the ‘Marine Shark mode’. And let’s get to the bad right away shall we?


The only thing(s) good about the Marine Shark mode is the shark head and it’s creepy looking. The bad is all over the Marine Shark mode with its ‘very’ limited pose options. I can’t put all blame on Unique Toys for this. Majority of the blame goes to hasbro for letting this design stick back in the day. Third Party Companies pays homage to the old GI figures even the bad ones too. With that being said, the range of motion in the odd Shark mode is limited. If the feet were a bit longer and torso a bit shorter then maybe I can see it being pose-o-rific.

QC: He’s solid, descent amount hardiness to his overall body. Alberich suffers the same ‘no tab’ issue like all the previous figures I have reviewed. Specifically combine mode, There should ports or some tabs to peg all the arms and legs to on his body. Unfortunately there just ‘there’ and you have to make do on what UT gives you. Surprisingly I thought I had to move the arms back into place when I handled Oridin in combine mode. I didn’t have to do adjust anything when I moved the combine mode arm around. His shoulders have nice ratchets in them. Also nice 360 bicep swivel and writs swivel too.

UT_Fenrir and Albreich 041
‘Deep’ Elbow bend


Pain app:

Same as Fenrir, on Alberich only four color apps on his body.



In bot mode you can get some good poses out of him. I took advantage of the heel spur on the back of his feet.  Good range of motion with the legs front and back and even side to side.

Face sculpt is cool but my copy has a nice blue scar on the side of the face. In my opinion it gives Alberich a descent sinister look to him. I am just going to count the human error on the face sculpt as big ‘plus’. And he’s fun like troll to play with (just look at the photos lol) .


The Marine Shark mode is buzz kill to me. Some of you might like it, but I am not a big fan of it. Because I play around with my collection, takes pictures of them and one day do some stop motion stuff with them. To be honest, we drop hundred bucks for these figures therefore we expect perfection, right or wrong?

I am going to give Alberich a hard 7 because the Marine Shark mode maneuverability is not desirable. But he makes up for it with his QC and posing attributes. Subscribe and like…See you all later.





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