Unique Toys_Siegfried

UT_Seigried and troll 034


Before I begin the name Siegfried is not Siegfried and Roy show. Siegfried is out of a Norse story about a man that did not know the meaning of fear till he met a woman. Well that’s out of the way let’s get started with the review.

Siegfried was already packaged in combine mode when I opened him up. Good thinking on UT for reading my mind lol. Transformed Siegfried into his dragon mode I had to take some pictures. After the hoo-ray session of photos I transformed him into his bot mode. And man oh man, he’s the perfect homage to Hun-grr all the way.


Dense I mean he’s sturdy like Leo Dux. In addition the stubborn ratchets in his shoulders and the hardy ratchets in his legs. Overall he’s as solid as a brick and I can use him as weapon if I want to.


Siegfried cannon extend his shoulders all the way up because they’ll clash with dragon legs on his shoulders. Also I couldn’t get his leg go all the way up because it clashed with his hip. However a flexible hip skirt should’ve been added on this figure. More so you can get a nice crisp leg swing all the way back. Plus you do get a nice 90 degree bend at the knee.


UT_Seigried and troll 031.jpg
Perfect bend all the way back!


UT_Seigried and troll 026
Claws on the shoulder prevent full extension.


UT_Seigried and troll 030


You’re not going to get the good ole action hero poses out of him, due to his limited ankle tilts. In one photo I have in a running pose, that my friend is balancing act in my favor.

Pain app

Just grey, silver and magenta are the only colors on this guy. (I think is magenta.)

Head sculpt of Siegfried is ‘rugged’ I got a closer look at it when I was shooting. His face is chiseled betwixt melted. I don’t know it was mistake or that’s the artist intention to give Siegfried ‘I’ve been through hell and back ‘, look to him, hell I don’t know.


Siegfried’s transformation is interesting and fun to me. Just going through all three forms astound me. Furthermore I am digging the many display option Unique Toys has for this guy is awesome. I am one of those collectors like use all pieces in combine mode, bot mode and monster mode. Unfortunately I can’t use all the pieces and I have to set stuff aside (Damn it!)

I will give Siegfried a solid 9. What he lacks in minor things he makes up for with over all hardiness of his body.

Thanks for reading Subscribe and like. And look for the review of the last two figures of this set.





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