Unique Toys_Fenrir

UT_Fenrir and Albreich 006

Two done and three to go!  In my opinion Fenrir is the most psychotic one in the team. The dead giveaway is the marvelous.  Also the piercing meat hooks look ‘awesome’ on him in unique morbid way lol.


Just a few things on him I feel UT could’ve executed better. In combine there’s no place to tab in the dragon legs. Second the two dragon heads do not tab in combine mode, nor do they tab in dragon mode either. Also you don’t get any shoulder raises out of him either. Definitely combine mode favored over these minor issues. Fenrir has limited movement in his legs front and back.


He’s fun to play with and he can stand on one leg. Also when you put the pierces in his hands he looks sadistic.

Paint: Limited paint app. UT kept it simple with the Green Bay packer colors lol.

Head sculpt: In opinion this was kinda lazy on UT. On the box Fenrir is snickering, smirking or whatever his twisted smile is. I feel they should’ve given him that same snarl grin like they did Troll. Not being wha-bulancer, correct me if I am wrong. Don’t you believe a team like this, all members should have some mean mug on their faces? Especially Fenrir he has the bulging red eyes like damn mad man with a hard on to kill.

QC: Some parts of his body is good to go. On other parts of the figure tabbing in parts needed to be available on the figure period. Other than that Fenrir is far from fragile.


On this figure UT should’ve kept it consistent like they did for troll and siegfried. Unfortunately they did not for Fenrir. I like the figure he makes up for what UT missed with his ability to be posed and durable plastic. Minor things UT dropped the ball on Fenrir in regards to make him special like Troll. I recommend him because he’s a part of the team. Furthermore Fenrir on a scale of 1 to 10 I am going to give him a 6. The reason for six, I already mentioned in the previous paragraph. If UT is going to make another combiner, please keep it consistent so every figure gets special attention. Take a page from Generation Toy on what they’re doing for Gravity Builder.

This is my review subscribe and like…Later.


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