Unique Toys_Troll

UT_Seigried and troll 068

When I look at troll it’s his adorable mean mug I simply adore. Troll is funny. Not in a ha-ha way. Neither is he funny in a ‘I am going to kill you way’. He’s just funny in a stab-stab way while listening to Six Feet Under ‘murder in the basement.’ Must I digress from my dark humor Troll face inspires let’s get on to the review.

Troll is one solid piece of plastic! He looks mean, very mean like he’s going jump out of the plastic casing and shove his hand down your throat.


Very strong and it’s identical to the density of Siegfried. First time I transformed him into ‘troll’ to combine mode I was careful. After I played with him a lot (look at the photos), working in the plastic he’s one solid figure. Head on a ball joint and you can get some hood rat bobble head thing going with him. Articulation wise, Troll is heavily articulated in the knees. You can some series ‘Tiger Knee’ action going with him. Deep elbow bends; due to transformation you can collapse his forearm on his upper bicep swivel.

UT_Seigried and troll 076
Serious deep knee bend.



The transformation is tricky betwixt very clever on UTs part. Trick ,when you get the lower body to peg the legs on his back. After following the not so great instruction I just played with it till I got it right. I know, I know I should’ve watched a review. But I wanted to figure out the puzzle on my own.


Very sharp, detailed and really brings out Trolls’ ‘I don’t give a damn attitude’. His color app is matching no color clash on this figure (color app junkies will be pissed.). I really love how the purple, dark blue and silver colors work cohesive on his body.


Troll definitely earns this because of his many display options. Use Oridins’ side foot pieces as shoulder guns. Also take advantage of the troll hand in bot mode, to use a ‘murder fist!’ Furthermore Troll is just fun…I mean really fun (look at the photos lol.).

UT_Seigried and troll 072
Murder Fist!!!!

            Face sculpt: Priceless the best mean face I have ever laid eye on. In my opinion if Troll was real I believe his favorite word will be ‘Motherfucker!’ But that’s just me betwixt my insanity speaking out loud again.


I am giving Troll a 10/10 because of the quality control and overall fun I have messing around with him. I do recommend Troll if you get him then get the entire combiner team. If you like my reviews please subscribe and leave a comment.



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