So you wanna write a female lead?

dumb ass cover

 I will bestow ‘needed’ tips on how to make a bad ass female lead. In addition provide you with a general ‘rule of Lodestone’ of what not to do and do, in making your one of a kind female lead. Before we begin drop heroine, bad girl and sexy bitch in the garbage. This societal big dummy labels you don’t need. Furthermore you don’t want no one placing your female lead in those loser categories either. Going to show you how to make your female lead ‘believable betwixt inspire both men and women.’


stupid ass feminism

Starting with this one first. I strongly urge do not write a female lead that is in competition with a male minor character, protagonist or villain, so help you. Some readers or dare I say majority of readers don’t want to read about some broad covertly sneaking in gender politics. To be crystal clear no one wants to put up with  a character that’s another tool of tearing the already shredded fabric of this lack-luster society.

What comes to mind is media influences. ‘Some’ authors get inspired to write a female lead based on some moronic television show. ‘ Attention’,sports fans this is a big no-no and here’s why. 1. Notice how strong female leads are the bread winners and the man and kids  forced to take a back seat. In addition Feminist has taught this fucked up notion of, ‘why buy the cow when you get the milk for free.’ What this means betwixt could harm the image of your female lead is this. The female leads lover lives with her and has no responsibility and has nothing to contribute to the story(house hold too), making him a loser ( aka spent condom).2. Racist Hollywood always stokes the flame of a delusional war between sexes. Actually they’ve gotten pretty good at it, by having a Barbie doll Thespian make some snide sexist comment when she kills a three hundred man or thing. 3. At times the female lead love interest is awful. To be specific notice how loser wacky-wood will have the lead steal a man from a married woman. Which leads to making her look like a typical whore or the female has lower standards than a old dirty bastard.

Fuck Hollywood

trailer trash
Looks good from a far but far from good.

As I stated previously don’t let LoserWood corrupt your creativity. Which brings me to undesirable Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Her character was a single mom whoring herself out to ex military guys for training to prepare for the ‘fap’ boy apocalyptic terrors of sky net ‘tin’ men roaming the earth. (The whore thing stands out to me, which made this character less appealing than the dog she was with in Terminator 1) Furthermore the character was very one-dimensional too.To be specific she shacked up with dudes not taking John ‘fake’ thug O’Connor child development into account.What woman in her right mind would run the risk of letting her son get taken by social service when he’s the ‘lily-white savior’ of the world?

Linda Hamilton’s Character served a greater evil than a greater good  and this is why you should definitely avoid writing a character like her. When this movie was in the theaters. This set the tone for writing cra-cra one-dimensional heroines. This is something you don’t want to do. If you’re going create something like Sara O’Connor. What you can do is find balance for the character. If she going for training have her hanging out with gun nuts. If she wants to be around military personnel and seek training have her doing service for veterans.She accepts being taught on how to prep, survive and fight as payment. Aid society instead of trashing it. Have the character marry a ex military who is a gun nut and survival instructor. Therefore the young male has a positive male role model and smarter than indoctrinated folk. Going this route will lead you to many possibilities in your work. Most important you separate yourself cliché characters like Sara O’Connor.

stupid bitch

Maleficent the tired, guilty evil female villain, pleading to the public she was misunderstood because she’s evil. Even though this is a lousy Disney Cartoon movie I don’t recommend to my worst enemy. Hollywood recently made a live action movie about Maleficent that depict men as powerless packets of sugar. Plus the witch ( don’t care what she is.) is too cliché, redundant and nothing was really ‘awe’ about the character at all. Solution for you. If you’re going to make an evil witch by all means make a back story on how she was turned. Let’s face it readers want MORE from the author. Why not give them an eight course meal and a buffet of desert too. To clarify give the readers more than what they bargained for. Only if you’re going write a evil female lead this is what you have to do.

Comics are bad for you too

the fuck ever
Thor wants he gear back.

The expensive bird cage liner comic books ( trend molesters.) Female Thor is a poster child of unhealthy creativity. Before I give tips, let me show you and point out why you should never use ‘comics’ as reference. Back in 2000 marvel had this bright idea to create ‘Female Thor’ who aided him in defeating his enemies. But eventually she was defeated ( maybe sales lacked?) and Female Thor retained her power like Thor but she lives among people.

I did not make this up, and yes this is how weak ‘its’ background is. Warning to Authors getting inspired by writing female leads from comics. It can lead your female lead down a terrible path of being too much like a comic book character. And readers will point out your character is not thought out. And you’ll attract today’s fan boy comic fans( yuck.)

Confused crook

Cat woman, please do not get inspired to write  a benevolent female lead after this mess. First she was a crook . Clashed with boring Batman. Then she developed a wet spot for him. Which paved the way for a  lousy love interest that should’ve never happened in the first place. If you’re going to write something like cat woman don’t use this catastrophe as your road map. Like Female Thor, Maleficent and Cat woman has the venereal disease of one-sided female lead.

Now if you’re going to write a female lead like cat woman…Make a damn good reason why she is the way she is. Aside from the constantly used human benefiting off of the strengths of  flee infested animals.  Go a different route with it. A good example ,point out the weakness on this ‘very old character’ and turn them into strengths for yours. Next think critically on what your character will do with the powers she stole or earned. Would she be working for good men that has been wronged by a divorce settlement that went to a dead beat ex-wife?  Or your Lioness is serial killer that kills out spoken 3rd generation of feminist. Because she’s sick to death of the feminist ruining the image of women?  The choice is yours.

Next is are some example of ‘well’ thought out female leads. In my research for Seasons of Pain I recalled the games I played growing up and remember to this day on why the female leads are so iconic. But we’ll start from recent to past.


Dragon Age Inquisition Cassandra. This character is the ideal perfect mold to learn on how to create a well-rounded female lead for your  manuscript. What makes Cassandra iconic, her profession in the game is a Seeker Of Truth. Cassandra goes after traitor mages and Templars. However Cassandra has many layers to her during movie sequences in-game play you have to catch on to. She’s forgiven, compassionate, fair and a sucker for old fashion romance. The most key thing slash makes her a character to remember she maintains her feminism ( you’ll have to research this character on your own.) This character does not follow that cliché role of being a feminist, lesbian warrior bullshit.She just a strong woman doing an extremely tough job.

How can I make a character like this without ripping it off?

I will say research, make notes and ask yourself a lot of question. Specifically what can you do to make your female lead stand out?


Gears of War Anya Stroud: What makes her so iconic ( besides cussing up a tsunami) she’s just as mean as her male counter parts in Gears of War3. However, like Cassandra she knows she a woman and proud of it…Fighting along side of huge guys, but she’s not contending with them…And Gears shows this when Anya teams with Marcus.

She out ranks him she could take lead.But she realizes Marcus has more experience on the field  and knows what he’s doing. She lets Marcus lead the squad because of his experience and there’s not enough COG left on Sierra thanks to locust.

done right
The show stopper

Ventress is the bonfire to learn how to make female lead last forever. It’s her eldritch history that makes her very memorable to every none star wars fan that notice this tough woman rocking a shaved head. Take my word for it it Ventress history is very long and tragic.  I will provide you a brief summary.

When she was born on the planet Darthomir and sold to the night sisters. Ventress was rescued and trained by some Jedi named Ky Narec. Ky Narec was killed by a pissed of Warlord and Ventress is sad that her father figure was killed. Then sorrow turned into hate for the Jedi when she learned they didn’t lift a finger to stop the Warlords attack.

By building a back story with your female lead is awesome. But it really depends on you on how deep you want to go with it. If you’re going the rebel with a cause route you will have to research. When putting your character in the story trick the reader into thinking she’s bad. But when it’s all said and done she’s one of those ladies that will do evil to accomplish a greater good. Also she doesn’t give a damn about how you feel about her tactics to boot.

Done right1
You’ll never stop me character.

Jill Valentine: Resident evil three against all odds she’s determine to make umbrella pay for what they’ve done to Racoon City. This character was in resident evil one and found out her and her swat mates were set up to be killed off. She finds out the truth and goes after umbrella with a few of her friends that survived. And she gains some new ones throughout the series.

How to write a female lead like Jill is similar to Ventress in weird way. A strong background in the character development phase. Also make sure your lead has the ‘iron will’ volume on high. From my experience writing female leads with this ‘rare’ trait will strike the heart of the reader.

done right2

Samus is a combination of Jill and Ventress such as the strong background and will.  When she was a kid space pirates from planet Zebes attacked her home planet. Ridley killed her parents. The good aliens made Ridley retreat before he harmed Samus. To explain her constant stoic behavior she has no child hood because she spent majority of it training. From that training betwixt thinking about revenge, missing her family the aliens molded her into a weapon. Even though Samus is picture definition of stoicism she represents prodigious strength, both physical and mental.

  However Samus is a combination of four good models of female leads I mentioned previously. This is the first strongest female lead I have ever came across in my existence.

What do all the good models have in common?

  What all the good models have in common is this. 1 Not cra-cra wood influenced. 2. Completely original characters. 3 All of them have mini layers and strong characteristics as individuals. 4.Strong female leads.


What I did for Jesse, I practice what I preach. I did my research and went the extra mile of making Jesse after three women I know. After that  I created a three page character template that has  a stalwart back story that makes Jesse stand out. In addition make her a character no one will ever forget. Jesse also has a curvy body, big breasted, a stripper yes. But if you look deeper in Jesse from reading Seasons of Pain she’s a deeply troubled, exhausted witch that doesn’t wants no part of the supernatural world anymore. Jesse shows her strength by giving up her birth right. Jesse carries the guilt of being exiled but she still has the courage to live her life how she wants to. However Jesse is smart, courageous and never backs done when a fight is on her hands. Also she’s no damsel in distress she can be a  valued asset when you’re in fight.

   As you can see I put a lot of brain juice in creating Jesse as my female lead. She’s nothing like the status quo female lead forced down people’s throats. She’s  her own person betwixt character. I hope this ‘long’ blog helps you all out.


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