Unique Toy_Oridin

UT_Oridin_2 016_edited-1.jpg

So I am late to the prom when it comes to picking up UTs Oridin. But tardy for a good reason the qcs the terrocons had during the previous run kept me away from rolling the dice on the set, till ‘all’ the QC issues were fixed. Remember the old saying; good things come to those that wait? O yeah ‘mark’ that saying as fact, my copy of Oridin is flawless, I mean no QC issues on my Oridin at all.

Combine mode:

Doing this review different and starting with the combine mode first, face it I had no intention of doing reviews on each individual figure off the bat. With that being said let’s just jump right into it.


Want to get the ‘negative’ out of the way first. The bad thing about the combine mode I feel that limbs, except for troll the appendages on each figure do not snap into place. I don’t know what UT was thinking at the time. Despite all that I examine each individual arm and leg to discover place where the arms could use some tabs to hold individual figures arms in place.

Forward rockers should’ve been added to the feet. I like the unique way UT did the ankle tilts. However there are no ratchets in the feet to give Oridin the ‘solid’ stability betwixt set the feet how you want to pose them. To be specific ratcheted rockers would make Oridin more firm when you pose him.


Clever engineering in the hips in combine mode, before I go on let me get this out in the open. I have a love affair with the sound of nice strong ratchets. When I didn’t hear the strong ratchets in the hips I got worried. Must I digress from ratchet porn I will give UT props in the slick engineering they executed a well designed way aka getting away with not using a lot of ratchets in the lower body. What I am saying it’s ‘very clever’ on how the weight is distributed in addition UT takes into account to add in somewhat of a hip swivel and a limited thigh swivel, to allow folks like me to pose him and get alot out of it too. Knee bend you get almost solid 90 degree bend on both legs. Nice sexy sounding ratchets in the knees also. Arms are on stubborn ratchets too. In addition the elbow joints in the arms are a nice touch. And the ratchets in the elbows are strong but somewhat of a just right ratchets. To clarify the elbow ratchets are strong. More so of deep click on each notch when you move the elbows up and down. On that note you don’t get a full deep elbow bend. Plus the elbows can rotate a full three sixty. In addition the fore arms can rotate in full three sixty as well. Oh before I forget on the connector ports are on a hinge like swivel. You can move them back or snap them back into place if you desire to. I played around with it and come to the conclusion that the engineer wanted Oridin to be as flexible as possible and show a lot of character if you’re going to pose him on your shelf.



I believe the armor should’ve been a dark purple along with the hands. However the color apps are crisp on Oridin along with making him one photogenic combiner to take pictures of.

Head sculpt is magnificent.  Oridin just has this unhappy don’t care frown on his face. He looks like he’ll rip you in half at any given second. Oridin gives off a strong presence with his flawless handsome head sculpt. This is one of these sculpts in my collection that photos don’t give it justice.


This is a new category I rarely use but it’s geared up towards display options. You can put the wings of Hagen on Oridins back if you want. Also you can plug in Siegfried’s swords in Oridins widow maker (his gun) to make a cross bow or use one sword for a bayonet. Furthermore Oridins back is clean. Out of all the combiners I own, Oridin is the same class with Ano and Feral Rex for having a clean back. What makes Oridin back stands out is that dragon tail, freaky but it works well with him in combine mode.




Oridin is not perfect. Oridin has it where it counts in the QC and fun factor in combine mode. However I do recommend him, Oridin looks good, he’s sturdy also the slick engineering he has in him is cool. Like I said before UT fixed the issues on Oridin and my hats off to UT for owning up to fix human errors. Now my rating of Oridin is a solid 9.5 because three out of the four bots limbs do not peg in anywhere. I moved Oridin quite a bit but the issue was not really what I thought it would be. In matter of speaking I thought I would be moving Hagen’s and Albrecht arms back into place a lot.I love Oridin he actually wowed me betwixt grew on me. I can’t stop playing with him either.



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