Generations Toy Scrapper

scrapper new pictures 006


Generation Toy does it again with Scrapper! To be specific this is the best upgraded representation of Scrapper I have seen now. I love the bot mode and I am very impressed to the minor stuff GT does with detail, such as the ladders and all the small detail done on this figure. What I am saying GT could’ve not added this but they did any way.


Good: He feels good in hand! Very sturdy, very detailed and the light pipe work is excellent. In addition I love how easily he can hold pose. I can get some serious poses out of him (As you can see on the pictures.) The most important thing to me is Scrapper is a figure (like all of them) he’s hard to put down. And that perhaps the message Generation Toy is putting into this set. You’ll enjoy the figures individually and combine mode too?

What am I suppose to do?

He did come with replacement parts. The connector was needed because of the rounded finish needed to swap out with the new one that came with Mixer. However I don’t know what the hell what I am suppose to repair. Maybe you guys out there can inform on what am I suppose to do, fix or what?


10/10 I mean what can I say so far GT is really impressing the hell out of me with Gravity Builder. I am like everyone else I can’t wait to see what they do with long haul and hook. From the pictures I observed. It appears long hauls splits, pegs into something is body to reinforce support Gravity Builders hip. Like I said previously it’s all going to come down to the combine mode. One thing I will promise you will get a full combine mode review from me. Possibly a video and written one, but I may not put on you tube I just found out my camera does damn good video recording. See all of you later.





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