WBOA-Turbo Ejector

When I get this guy the out the box first word out of my mouth was damn this is one striking figure. He’s thick, sturdy and his face sculpt looks like a real person. Hell all of Warbotrons figures look like people.

Good: His transformation is simple and fun. One thing I am still all over is how detailed turbo ejector is and the orange light pipe work in his head. Taking photos of him in bot mode was loads of fun. He likes he’s about to pop off the picture.

The vehicle mode, in my opinion is third best vehicle mode out of the site. Turbo Ejectors’ vehicle mode does look like a futuristic car.


My turbo ejector came with no silver finish for his gun. I took a deep breath and let it soak in for a moment and let it go. Every time I look at him holding his guns. It feels like I am getting smacked in the face.

QC: First time I got him he snapped in half. On my second figure (replaced) He felt sturdy. QC stuff happens all the time. So I am not going to count one defective copy against warborton. The Qc is great on the figure. But I am not a fan of thin plastic that folds on his legs in vehicle and combine mode. However Warbotron folks made it work.

Overall: I don’t have that much to say about him because the pictures I took speak how badass he looks. Also Turbo Ejector is one of the figures you can’t stop playing with. I give him a 10/10 ( looking over a missed paint app)

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