WBO3-D Ano



Warbotron_Computron_Ano 006WBO3-D_Has been named Ano (Ah-no)

Finally got ole Ano combined and the wait was well worth it! In is well engineered combine self, Ano screams QC perfection! Warbotron has learned from their past mistakes with Combat Brute Bruticus and has made, in my opinion the combiner of the year! People wha-bulance about his over sized limbs, arms in particular. I don’t know what the cry-baby issue comes from? Fact you have the option to collapse the legs on turbo ejector and double strike to have stubby arms like feral rex. Despite the hee-haw nay sayers Ano is perfect homage to GI Computron.



Like I said in the introduction the quality Ano is outstanding. I will be brutally honest here out of all the combiners I own Ano stands out because he’s the easiest to handle when I put him action poses. To get Ano to stand naturally, or pose Ano, just untab the gray flaps on the hips. The ankle tilts and forward and back rockers have stout ratchets in them. In other words when you pose him he ‘aint’ going nowhere! His stability completely blows Combat Brute Bruticus out of the water.

Bad: The only bad thing about Ano is the cannon. I wish I could peg that thing in on his back but I can’t. But no worries I will use as arm cannon or hit up the good Doctor to make some modifications to it or something (Didn’t do jack shit about).


The articulation is very limited on the upper thigh swivel. The hands are on ball jointed fingers that resemble a human hand. You can get some emotional hand poses going on if you sole desire. You get a full knee bend out of Ano. But you don’t get a perfect 90 degree at the knee due to the laser cannons foot pegged into his thigh.

Look of Ano:

The face sculpt looks like real face. But Ano’s antennas don’t want to stay up but I don’t care that’s something minor I can easily forgive. Ano is the real deal, he’s big intimidating thinking combat menace. He has that look he will come up with million one ways to defeat you under sixty seconds before a shot is fired.

One key thing I really love about Ano is Warbotron gives you ports meaning options for you to display Ano. Also I can store weapons on him in combine mode, now that’s what I really like about Ano.


I give Ano a solid 10/10 mainly because Warbotron made sure the feet are nice and sturdy for a combiner this big. More so it’s a flash back for me when I had rex combined for the first time. I am still playing around with him; yeah never stop playing with my instruments of destruction.

Do I recommend him?

If you’re Warbotron fan yes! If you want tall beefy WBOD3 bots yes! If you want a combiner that’s easy to manage without breaking then Ano is for you. When you get Ano be sure to play around with him first once in combine mode like I did. You’ll get most of the most of the issues such as tolerance worked out. Also getting him in and out of combine mode will definitely help out a lot. So in closing take a few days and have fun with the not technobots.


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If you want to see more let me know.



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