WBO-3C Hammer Sharpener


Hammer Sharpenner 009

In my opinion Hammer Sharpener is one the most impressive figures on the team ‘so far.” With his flawless head sculpt and the spectacular paint job on his treads. Yes I said ‘treads’ if you look very closely on the figure you can see those tank treads are battle hardened! When I got this ‘bad ass’ out the box the treads caught my eye first. Then the infamous drill, the detail in the drill and it reminds of a Bio Shocks big daddy for some reason.   However my first impression before I messed with him- I was saying oh no more back kibble again. But that thought went away quick. You have flexible hinges to position that military grade Black-n-Decker drill however you want it to sit. Get this…he doesn’t fall backwards, yup I said it -and it’s the truth. I pose this guy in many poses not once he toppled backwards, unless I deliberately knocked him over. Before I go any further in the review let me get this off my chest.

Good: It was definitely Hammer time when I got him out of the box. Transformed him 7 times and let me tell you everyone. Capital stubborn joints all around, not trying to funny I am dead serious- this figure is not going to break on you unless you freaking try. One thing I am all over is the head sculpt. One thing I have been noticing with Warbotron making faces on the head sculpts. Give you a hint look at the pictures. Now don’t Hammer Sharpener and Turbo Ejector look like people? This is something Warbotron did not have to make these figures faces realistic. We’re getting premium figures why of all out.

Another nifty engineering they have on Hammer S. is the transformation. No collapsing the leg. Instead you split it and maneuver the two pieces on the upper thighs for tank mode.

Paint applications:

Outstanding as always, as I mentioned previously the air brush job on the treads is winner in my book. Also the yellow, browns and gray work on the figure is eye catching. Also the silver paint break up around the light pipe eyes is flawless.


Alot of time was invested in this figure, meaning the plastic is excellent and he feels like a solid rock in my hand.


Not really bad people just being nit-picky. He has no bicep swivel, but I don’t give a damn about that. I am just very happy Warbotron paid close attention to detail when comes to avoiding QC issues on their figures.

Overall/ Discussion:

In opinion Warbotron is improving by making Hammer Sharpener better than turbo ejector when it comes to durability. This is just my opinion because I still mess around with these two instead displaying them. Yeah these figures are fun, once you play with one you have to play with all of them. Yes the fun factor is that contagious.


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