Generation Toy-Mixer



GenerationToys_Mixer and Scrapper 015Perhaps the best representation of the old G1 Mix Master (might be wrong) I have seen thus far.

Hell I even dig the upgraded head sculpt so much I gave him the nick name ‘Terrible Patterson’. In addition his overall body is robust and brings off such a strong presence of ‘bringer of pain’ I give him the ‘dark brooding motherfucker award’.  Enough babble let’s get on to the review.


I love mixer to death, he’s fun to shoot, play with and he’s one solid cement truck to boot. The transformation is simple, creative and fun. The first time I transformed (instruction following to the letter.) I said ‘neat’ alot out loud. Furthermore this Mixer I don’t have to fidget with to stand up or hold a pose. More so the display option Generation Toy give you with cement mixer assembly is all that. You have the option to display him as the redundant look. Or you can display him like I do mixer opened and use the rest of the kibble as back pack slash missile rack.


Warning! For those who are about to get mixer or deciding to go all in on the set be warned. My mixer came miss transformed the green pieces were sticking out in vehicle mode. But it only needs to be utilized in combine mode only. Warning number two in regards to transforming him into his modes. Please mindful of the plastic you have to lift and snap into place. I know the plastic has some tolerance allowance going on, just for the sake of 100 bucks you spent just be careful. If this review doesn’t help see Emgos review on what I am talking about (or ask him.)


            On the figure itself the quality of plastic is sturdy like the rest of the four. However the connector joints for combiner mode…Are extremely freaking tough. So tough I had to take it apart lube it down and put it back together. And guess what? Yup the connector was still tough! I had to use ‘evil’ and pliers. That’s the only issue I had with him and Scrapper.


            I give him a solid 10/10 because of his quality and his presence of pure ‘pain bringer.’ In my opinion maybe Generation toy was thinking the same thing lol.


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