Wbo3-E Laser Cannon

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Warbotron_WBO3_ Laser Cannon Review

Laser Cannon lives up the ‘hype’. Unfortunately the photos do not do this figure justice when you have him in hand. Specifically the ‘durable’ plastic and the unexpected ‘heftiness’ of Laser Cannon make him the best figure Warbotron has produced thus far. Enough babbling on this intro paragraph let’s get to the review.

  • The bad

I want to get the bad out of the way for the sake of the review. Starting with Laser Cannons’ chest plate, having to remove and attach in transformation I was a little disappointment. But, on the bright side you don’t leave it idle for long.

Collapsing parts:

Specifically the arm collapsing, personally not a real fan of collapsing anything these days. Let’s face it the quality of plastic on third party figures are becoming stronger, as result tolerance issues will occur. Sad to say it, Laser Cannon has tolerance issues on the collapsing arms. When you collapse the arms, it’s downright terrifying doing it! Keep in my mind this figure has stout joints he will not snap on you. However I did not want to take a chance on risking breakage. I opened up the arms, and found out the pegs were tad bit too long.

So I took a nail filer and sanded them down a little. The trick to this, I did this on both sides, re assemble the forearms (pinching the pieces together) and slide them up and down till the lock did not require ‘that’ much force. (FYI a two count will be best when doing this. Also frequent testing on collapsing the arms to get the fit you desire)

Keep in mind this was on my mold of not Scatter shot. More so my choice to remedy a tolerance issue my way and keep my mind at ease from breaking my own figure.

  • The Good

There’s lots of good to be said about Laser Cannon. Not only his transformation is simple everything locks securely into place!

Paint apps

The best paint job I have seen on a figure using predominate primary colors and organizing them to work well on the figure. The color break up is razor sharp, in particular the leg area and torso of Laser Cannon. Head sculpt stupendous job on the head sculpt; it’s really a miracle Warbotron made it work on a pure white face! The light pipe is stellar at the same time a cohesive contrast for the face of Laser Cannon. To be frank, it’s like getting a three d like effect for the up close shots I took of his face. Furthermore, opinion wise maybe a ‘tad’ bit more color should’ve been added on the head. Areas of interest the vents on the head crest and a blue paint job on his chin perhaps?

Quality Control

I mention this all the time might as well make it a category of its own. The second thing is the white skirts for Laser Cannon and red one for combine mode. Both skirts are nice and stiff when moving them. Be mindful everything on Laser is snug it will take time to loosen things up on him. Third qc issue I have found is the gray pieces that’s suppose to lock on the back of the neck of the combiner head. Unfortunately collectors the pegs are too fat to snap the damn things into place. However it does not hinder anything at all. The pegs are there for a snug fit to support the head, for those people who are going to town with moving his head around.

More emphasis on the Combine head and Laser Cannons’ head, Laser Cannons’ head is firmly on a ball joint.

  • Limited movement up and down
  • I don’t get to wobble his head around (to tight for that stuff.)

Combiner head

  • Head is on triangle like ball joint (I really don’t know.) But you can get some up and down movement. No wobble movement and perfect 360 turning on this head and Laser Cannon’s too.

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The first time in this set the shoulders don’t collide with the head when raise them all the way up. I transformed Laser cannons in all four modes three times when I got him out the box, another tri session that night and a third session this morning. I am not fibbing people Laser Cannons’ durable plastic is made to outlive you.


Laser Cannon can hold poses but he’s not made for dynamic posing. To give a description after transforming Laser a bunch of times, the detail is in the engineering to clarify I am referring to the flaps on the legs and pegs at the bottom his feet ( didn’t get a picture of the feet…apologies)

Clearly Warbotron ‘heavily’ leaned towards combine mode, sticking with everything fitting together mind you. As for the figure itself, Laser Cannon from my experience so far-meets my expectations. Despite I can’t get a clean dynamic poses with him doesn’t mean I can’t pose him.  Laser Cannon reflects on what Warbotron engineers had in mind to make the best quality figure to match artistry put into Laser Cannon to make him stand out ect.


Overall/ Discussion


I will give Laser cannon a solid ten out of ten; issues I mentioned before I remedied one the rest of the tolerance can get worked out by playing around with him. Do I recommend him Laser Cannon? Yes I do recommend him for certain collectors. If you’re not stickler for G1 accuracy, willing to put the time in for transforming Laser to work out some stiffness-I say yes go right ahead and invest in the set.  Which brings me to add a teaser to this review (Sorry no pictures for this.) I combined three figures I have for this set and I am still amazed at the engineering. To put it to you truthfully, not Computron (will name my combiner soon) engineering is a step up from Warbotron Brute. Meaning Warbotron upgraded their engineering for big combiners. This is based on my experience and testing everything out in combine mode so far. What I am trying to say not Computrons’ engineering leaves Warbo brutes engineering in the dust. Not Comp is sturdier and nothing will peg out of place. Furthermore I did the shake the desk test on them both. Warbo Brute shook like booty in a strip club. Warbo Comp barely budged from shaking the desk to slamming my fist on the desk. As result from fist slamming on the desk Warbo brute shook a little Warbo Comp didn’t (Test done on a solid oak desk.)


From here on out I am following Warbotron for combiners period, to me the torso is ‘very’ important. So important to me, when Warbotron does the Stunticons I hope Motor Master is the first figure they do. What do you all think about that?










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