Wbo3-d Double Strike


Warbotron_Double Strike 011


Warbotron WB03-D

Double strike

Double strikes’ jaw dropping appearance makes him stand out from the rest of the team.

Paint apps:

He’s not encumbered by a lot of paint application but Warbotron does wonders on the primary color apps on Double strike. I really dig the fine line of yellow paint on his legs, also thin paint application on his head. However majority of his body is red, not my favorite color but Warbotron once again makes it all work cohesive on Double Strike. More so the pain job on Double Strike does make him look like he’s part of the team.

Head sculpt, is amazing Warbotron signature is for face sculpts is slapping a real facial expression on the figures. Some odd way Double Strike looks like someone I knew years back. Hell perhaps Warbotron has a file of my old friends faces and they use them for their figures?



Minor bad:

The minor bad on my copy of Double Strike he didn’t have enough lube on his upper bicep swivel. In addition the tolerance issues of transforming him into combine mode were dendrite wracking. (Page eight on instructions image ten.) To be specific snapping the pegs into the holes on his back I had to be careful not to use brute strength. I will suggest get your fingers placed on the rear sides of his back and push on that. Transforming him into his space ship mode, recommend doing it three to six times to work out the new plastic.  Slotting in Double Strikes forearms into the back pack gun holder there’s tolerance issues on that. Again don’t use brute strength; instead you have to line his arm up into an L shape with the white peg facing in. From there his arms will peg into the back pack firmly.

The Good: He has ratchets in the right places in the hips and knee joints (for combine mode.)


His pose able but he’s not action figure pose able like FT’s Grenadier. Double Strike feet consist of one big toe for each foot and fat heels. As far as ankle tilts are concerned you can only move his big toe and that’s it.

Bad: There’s no bad about this figure at all. The star ship mode is amazing, I can see Warbotron took some creative liberties and added some G1 homage to Double Strike. Instructions on page 4 12-14 Warbotron is not crystal clear on slotting in the arms period. It just shows them slotted in on 14 and it will leave you scratching your head. To help everyone out watch tf prototype video on you tube that will help you. Or you guys can just request me to post some pictures up.


Well this is one brief review of Double Strike on the scale of one to ten I give him a solid 9 because of tolerance issues. But that’s me being honest. Also he has a nice heft to him like Turbo Ejector.

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