Generation Toy Navvy

Navvy 001

Navvy is a figure with all out of character. Generation Toy is capturing the ‘raw’ emotion on their creative take on the constructions. And Navvy fits right in with the rest of his four brothers I am proud owner of.

Navvy is sleek even though he has that huge scoop on his back. He’s very pose able, flexible, meaning you can get many action poses out of him! One thing I really dig is the light pipe works on the head sculpt that captures the ‘meanest’ of Navvy. He strikes me as one of those guys that screams, ‘let me at ’em boss!”


Quality is hundred percent he’s built to last. He has nice ratchets in the arms. Navvy knee bend is beyond ninety degrees (you can get some serious ‘tiger knee action).

Pain app:

Is perfect to me even though he’s Purple raining it on his lower body, but the purple compliments the black on his legs.

Unfortunately this review is short because I got Generation Toy Gravity Builder for the combine mode. In addition there are tons of reviews on Navvy already. However I will say nothing is ‘weak’ on Navvy. To be specific the scooper is on a ratchet and the generator/ arm of devastator can be stored on his back. To be honest with all that on his back he does suffer back heavy syndrome. But hey look at like this everything what Navvy can be used or not used. And that’s really creative on Generation Toy part.


Over all I give Navvy and a solid 10/ 10 and here’s why. After the past years tfc and Maketoys take on Scavenger was okay but GT knock this one out of the park.


This is open for discussion more so for people who are on the fence on choosing GT or TW devastator. First I will start with people still wrestling to choose between the two. If you want ‘parts added’ and a G1 stickler go with Toy Worlds Devastator. If you want an updated version of Devastator with some realism and character in each figure go with Generation Toy Gravity Builder.

Combine mode: Okay people let’s be honest it’s going to come down to the combine mode on who has the better Devy. And there’s no other way to really look at this but have my fingers crossed that GT’s Long Haul is outstanding QC wise. And see how he fairs in the comparison with Toy Worlds monster Devastator.

Back to Navvy I highly recommend him to none G1 sticklers and recommend him to a new person getting into collecting because of the quality control on Navvy is awesome. And you will not be disappointed with the other four figures for this set either.




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